AEW Star Billy Gunn “Didn’t Know The Lyrics For A Year” To Memorable Theme Song

AEW Star Billy Gunn

In a recent interview with Chris Van Vliet, current AEW star and former WWE superstar Billy Gunn shed light on a surprising revelation about his iconic WWE theme music.

During the interview, Gunn discussed the various theme songs he had used during his time in WWE, with one of the most memorable being the “Ass Man” song, which Gunn admitted he was unfamiliar with in terms of its lyrics for an extended period. Gunn disclosed that he had been oblivious to the lyrics of the “Mr. Ass” song for nearly a year after its debut, emphasising that his focus had always been on the energy and vibe of the music rather than the specific words.

I didn’t know the Mr Ass lyrics for a year, I never listened to them. I never knew the lyrics to that song because [with my entrance music] all I do is listen and feel what I can do with the song. It’s never about what I hear the people singing, it’s about the melody and how, what I need to do energy wise with this song [when making my entrance].

The “Ass Man” theme became synonymous with Gunn after he began using it in 1999, following the dissolution of his tag team, the New Age Outlaws, with Road Dogg. The song’s catchy opening, featuring the lyrics “I’m an Ass Man… Yeah I’m an Ass Man!” became iconic, but Gunn revealed that he had not been informed about the new theme until right before his first entrance using it.

I walked out and they said ‘Hey we’ve got new music for you tonight’, I said ‘OK’, walked out to it, listened to it and I thought ‘Oh that’s kind of catchy’ but never heard the lyrics. I didn’t know what the lyrics were for at least a year. I’ve been lucky I’ve had some pretty good music.

Despite the initial surprise and lack of familiarity with the lyrics, Gunn expressed gratitude for the music he had been associated with throughout his career ranging from when he was in the Smoking Gunns to being part of the team with Chuck Palumbo.

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