AEW Star Asked For Match With Sting

Sting AEW

An AEW star wanted their moment with Sting.

Following the news that Sting will be retiring at Revolution, the wrestling world has been flooded with tributes to one of the greatest figures in the history of the sport. Everyone from fans and colleagues have their special memories of The Icon, with many just thankful that they got to share the ring with him, even briefly.

Speaking to Wrestle Purists, Lance Archer reflected on working with Sting in AEW, revealing he actually pitched a match between the pair while they were both with TNA.

Then fast forward to, you know, not that long ago, we got to do the six-man match against him (Sting) and I tried to have a match with him back in TNA. It didn’t happen.

Fast forward to AEW, I didn’t never think it was gonna happen and even though it was just a six-man, I got to have a moment with him on the end of his journey and then now, being a part of the pay-per-view which will be subsequently his last match in the business, it’ll be an honor to be around that, see that and kind of say goodbye to him in the business.

Sting Asked To Join AEW

The WWE Hall of Famer’s arrival in AEW back in 2020 left everyone stunned as it was believed he had quietly retired after suffering a serious neck injury in 2015. Interestingly, Tony Khan has revealed that it was actually Sting who made the first move in putting a deal together.

The star’s final match is due to main event Revolution, with the likes of Samoa Joe, Toni Storm, Will Ospreay, and Bryan Danielson also in action.

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