AEW Said To Be Worth Astonishing 10-Figures In Company Value

AEW money

If anyone is thinking of purchasing AEW, the promotion has a high asking price.

The latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter recapped an analysis of All Elite Wrestling by Sportico, who valued the brand at $1 billion.

In comparison to their biggest competitor, WWE was valued at $9.3 billion when purchased by the Endeavour Group to form TKO Holdings alongside the UFC. An update on this acquisition was also provided in the latest quarterly financial earnings report.

While the lofty price tag does sound promising, the Sportico report does delve into AEW’s financials further. Most notably that CEO Tony Khan invested $100 million when starting All Elite Wrestling in 2019, and has not recouped that money back nearly 4 years later. Khan has commented on the finances, outlining the multiple investments that will bring in a return in the future.

“We made a lot of investments into the future developing these TV properties, a new video game and in merchandising, such as our action figure line and our partnership with Berkshire Hathaway-owned Jazwares.”

The Fight Forever videogame has been projected to have sales in excess of $10 million, which is been described as “not anything spectacular by videogame standards.”

How Much Money Has AEW Made?

Tony Khan has remained optimistic regarding the end of the financial year, projecting a gross in excess of $100 million, which was also the case in 2022. However, unlike the previous year, All Elite Wrestling will see a higher turnover thanks to sales from the videogame, ticket sales from the upcoming Wembley Stadium show, and an increased television presence following the launch of Collision on Saturday nights.