AEW Will Have Owen Hart Foundation Tournament In 2023

owen hart cup adam cole britt baker

Tony Khan confirmed that the Owen Hart Cup will return next year.

The Owen Hart Foundation Tournament was borne out of a partnership between AEW and the Owen Hart Foundation. Created in 2000, the Foundation’s goal is to provide post-secondary scholarships for students in need and housing for low-income families.

Tony Khan confirmed the tournament’s return earlier today at media call hyping up the upcoming Full Fear event.

According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, Khan wants to continue his relationship with Martha Hart, her son Oje, and everyone else involved with the foundation.

He went on to say that he wants this tournament to continue and make it into an AEW tradition.

The first tournament took place earlier this year with matches interspersed across many different shows. Dr. Britt Baker won the women’s tournament and Adam Cole won the men’s tournament.

A timeline for the next tournament has not been confirmed and it is uncertain whether the next one will follow the same format as the first.

This tournament marked the first time in many years that Owen Hart’s family had any positive involvement with the wrestling business. The only other recent interaction with Owen’s family was their involvement with the Dark Side Of The Ring episode that covered Owen’s Hart’s death at Over The Edge 1999.