AEW’s Mysterious Masked Man’s Identity Revealed

AEW logo over Hologram

After intense speculation, it seems the identity of the mysterious masked man who appeared in an AEW vignette has been revealed.

On the July 6th episode of AEW Collision, a video clip showed the command “holo.grm” being typed into a computer. We then saw the back of a man in white running and jumping into a digital portal before the screen changed to a close-up of a mysterious man in a mask. The clip ended with the words “loading soon.”

Since the vignette aired, the rumour mill has gone into overdrive with fans suspecting it’s a tease of former WWE star Ricochet making his AEW debut. However, many have pointed out that the man seen in the video has no resemblance to the former Intercontinental Champion. And it seems for good reason – it’s not Ricochet.

Cassidy Haynes of reported that the mystery man is former AAA star Aramis. The report noted that he would not be using that name in AEW and many are already referring to him as Hologram given what appeared in the vignette. It was also stated that the deal with AEW came about over the last few weeks after AAA were unable to agree on a new deal with him.

Is Ricochet Still Joining AEW?

As far as the former WWE star, Ricochet recently became a free agent after letting his WWE contract expire. Since then, speculation has been rife on his next move, with it being widely thought the former WWE Speed Champion would become All Elite sooner rather than later.

While he is said to have interest from several promotions, it has now been reported that Ricochet will join AEW “soon.” Talks between the two sides have begun, and the star’s agent was said to be backstage at the July 3rd edition of Dynamite.