AEW Issued Warning By Oklahoma AC In Trans Row

Nyla Rose AEW

The Oklahoma State Athletic Commission has issued a warning to AEW after the company had Nyla Rose wrestle in a women’s match on a show in the state.

According to minutes from a recent meeting shared online, OSAC voted to warn AEW about having Nyla Rose – who is transgender – compete in women’s matches noting that “there will be punitive action made against them” if it happens again.

OSAC’s current rules regarding trans women in sports state:

The Commission will not approve sanctioning permits between human participants and non-humans or between males and females. A male participant is a person of the heterogametic sex born with XY chromosomes. A female participant is a person born of the homogametic sex with XX chromosomes.

AEW’s Nyla Rose Fires Back In Trans Row

AEW held its first event in the state of Oklahoma back in December 2023 and Nyla Rose competed in a match that aired on Ring of Honor against Alejandra Lion. Taking to social media, the former AEW Women’s World Champion has fired back at OSAC’s report in her own inimitable style:

WHO THE F*CK WAS IT?!! Don’t worry Oklahoma I’ll find the dastardly Transgender that *checks notes* entertained fans!!! HOW DARE THEY MAKE PEOPLE HAPPY?!!!

Alejandra Lion also shared her thoughts on the situation offering her unwavering support for the AEW star:

Truly at a loss of words, reading this breaks my heart! Nyla is seriously one of the SAFEST and SWEETEST wrestlers I have ever been in the ring with and she does not deserve this kind of hate!!!

Although AEW’s event schedule for 2024 is far from complete, there are currently no advertised shows for the state of Oklahoma in the future.