AEW Interested In UK Talent Also On WWE’s Radar

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Both WWE and AEW have shown major interest in a rising star from the United Kingdom.

At the age of 25, Mariah May has already accomplished plenty in her wrestling career, and she’s gained the attention of the two most prominent companies in the United States. According to a new report from Fightful Select, both AEW and WWE have shown interest in the star.

Back in 2019, WWE held a tryout at the now-defunct NXT UK Performance Center, and Fightful Select reports that the company was in touch with May almost immediately after she began her wrestling career that same year. According to Fightful, the sports entertainment giant has continued to keep an eye on her progress since that time.

However, the report notes that All Elite Wrestling has also shown interest in the rising star, and that discussions have taken place within the company about working with her. The Tony Khan-helmed promotion is reportedly the one gaining the most steam when it comes to her potentially signing with a company. Fightful Select did not confirm whether May has had serious discussions or negotiations with either company.

Is Mariah May Currently Under Contract?

May currently wrestles in Japan, where she’s worked extensively as part of STARDOM. Her recent singles match against Giulia is being heavily praised as one of her best ever. According to Fightful Select, there has been speculation as of late that she may be leaving Japan and signing a contract elsewhere as she recently shut down her Big Cartel merchandise store and tweeted a message about being thankful for this time in her life.

The day before sending the message, she and Mina Shirakawa lost their Goddess of Stardom Championship to the Cosmic Angels.

At this time, Fightful Select notes that there is no confirmation of her signing with All Elite Wrestling, but notes that there’s definitely traction to the idea that she might end up there.

On August 20th, May took to social media to celebrate having accomplished one of her major goals before the age of 25, though she did not elaborate on what that goal was. She wrote:

“i don’t like to set time limits.. but i had a goal i really wanted to achieve before i turned 25. felt a million miles out of reach until.. it wasn’t. i achieved it a few months back. I’ll tell you all about it one day soon”