WWE Hall of Famer Is Against AEW Stars Working Indie Shows

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A WWE Hall of Famer thinks that AEW is making a mistake by letting wrestlers work independent wrestling shows.

All Elite Wrestling currently has three weekly television shows along with the Ring of Honor online show. With Dynamite airing for two hours on Wednesday, one hour of Rampage on Friday and two hours of Collision on Saturday, there is plenty of time for AEW’s wrestlers to get screen time, but some of them aren’t being used that much.

Many AEW stars sign contracts with the company that allow them to wrestle in other promotions as long as they are free on those dates.

Eric Bischoff is a WWE Hall of Famer who was also the President of WCW, so he knows a thing or two about managing talent. Recently on his Strictly Business podcast, Bischoff spoke about why he wouldn’t let AEW wrestlers compete at indie wrestling shows.

“I wouldn’t do it. Where’s the benefit? Other than to the talent and to the indie promoter? Where’s the benefit? Where’s the risk? I guess you could probably if you dig deep enough and hard enough and you wanted to justify your position badly you could come up with a benefit, maybe because you’re supporting the indie scene and some, you know, building some loyalty and following within the independent audience. And that’s not a bad argument. It’s just the value of that argument is minimal, in my opinion.”

“What’s the risk? Well, the risk is somebody gets hurt on the indies, and takes them off your roster. I think that’s probably happened in the past. I just don’t see a scenario where the benefits outweigh the risks.”

Wrestling at indie shows doesn’t benefit AEW wrestlers according to Eric Bischoff

As he continued, Eric Bischoff made a golf analogy while talking about AEW wrestlers working indie shows.

“As an average golfer, would you get any benefit from taking lessons from somebody who’s less proficient in golf than you? There’s your answer. What are you going to learn on the indie scene? How are you going to improve on the indie scene?”

“All you’re going to do is learn a bad golf swing and it becomes twice as difficult to unlearn a bad golf swing, and unlearn bad habits, than it takes to learn good ones or to learn good golf swings.”

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