AEW’s HOOK Hits Back At Jinder Mahal’s Recent Comments


HOOK had some fighting words for Jinder Mahal.

In a story that seemed impossible just weeks ago, the biggest talking point in wrestling in early 2024 has involved HOOK, Jinder Mahal, Tony Khan, and two World Championships.

In storyline, both HOOK and Jinder Mahal were booked into World Title matches in their respective companies, but the real drama played out on social media, with Tony Khan taking shots at WWE, and numerous other figures on either side of wrestling’s great divide getting involved. Even Jinder Mahal got in on the action, asking “Who the f**k is HOOK?” on social media.

In a new promo video ahead of his match with Samoa Joe on Dynamite, HOOK fired back at Mahal taunting the WWE star.

“So who’s the pressure on tomorrow? I mean, is there really anything that I have to lose?

And also (bites into a slice of pizza), I’m not big enough to compete with Samoa Joe. Eh, but I am getting some calories right now (holds up pizza), so who knows.

Then again, who the f**k am I anyway?

24 hours Joe, I’m coming for that world title.”

The AEW star will be hoping for better luck than his WWE counterpart who came up short against Seth Rollins. It’s since been reported that WWE didn’t trust Jinder Mahal to carry a high-profile match against Rollins.

When Did Hook Join AEW?

HOOK first appeared on AEW television in November 2020 as part of Team Taz, but it wouldn’t be until December of the following year that he would make his in-ring debut against Fuego Del Sol.

Since then, the second-generation star has notched up an impressive record, losing just once in singles action.

H/t to Wrestle Talk