AEW Has Backup Plan For Collision Debut

AEW Collision Announcement

The status of CM Punk in AEW seemingly remains up in the air with the company having to put an alternative in place for the debut edition of Collision which was originally set to take place in Chicago.

Collision will debut on June 17th but the location of that event has not yet been announced amid last-minute uncertainty over whether or not Punk will actually return to the company.

The former AEW World Champion was set to be the centerpiece of the new Saturday night show but was said to be “at odds” with the company once again due to the status of former producer Ace Steel, who was the only one fired after the backstage All Out fight.

Punk would sure to receive a raucous reception from his hometown Chicago crowd but if the star won’t be there, then the company is considering its options when it comes to locations.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer has noted that AEW has a backup plan in place to hold the debut edition of Collision at Daily’s Place in Jacksonville despite having the United Center in Chicago booked for June 17th:

“AEW has had contact with Daily’s Place as a possible backup location for the debut of Collision on 6/17. This is not an official change, but it does appear that the CM Punk situation has until Wednesday to go whichever way it goes and if he’s not appearing then they won’t go to the United Center. People involved with the proposed event said they were told yesterday about the show being possible and that a decision would be made over the next week.

“The feeling is, and I agree with this, that the United Center is not the right place for the debut unless Punk is going to be there because fans will expect him and be disappointed if he’s not there, whether he’s advertised or not. Also, without fans believing he will be there, I don’t see them being able to sell enough tickets on such short notice that it would be worth it since they already have a show a few days later at the Wintrust Arena.”

Tony Khan noted that the announcement of the location of the first episode of Collision will be announced on the 24th of May edition of Dynamite.