Retired AEW Figure Hints At Stunning In-Ring Comeback

AEW logo over blurred stretcher

AEW could play host to another incredible comeback.

When Sting signed with AEW in December 2020 it was believed his in-ring career was over, however, The Icon proved everyone wrong. Sting wrestled with increasing regularity before finally ending his career at Revolution 2024.

Interestingly, it seems another star forced into retirement through injury could be eyeing a return to the ring.

Since joining AEW, Nigel McGuinness has been a big hit on commentary and loves nothing more than taking potshots at former rival Bryan Danielson. While McGuinness hasn’t wrestled in well over a decade, it seems he hasn’t given up hope of getting back in the ring.

Appearing on Wrestling Weekly, McGuinness admitted he struggled to watch his contemporaries find fame and fortune while he had to watch on from the sidelines. While the British star discussed his retirement struggles, he revealed he recently got back in the ring.

“All the time that I was in WWE, how difficult it was for me, and I think a lot of the… I don’t want to say the jealousy and the bitterness, but those sort of emotions that certainly existed between me and Bryan and the success that he’s had.

When I was in WWE, seeing so many of my peers coming up and having that level of success, and that level of fame and fortune was very difficult for me, certainly, to sort of accept. Especially when I could still wrestle today.

I got in the ring last week and just felt perfectly ok. Sometimes, people say it’s a lot easier if you choose yourself to quit and I don’t think that it’s the case. Given my history in terms of concussions and various other things, I do watch a lot of matches and go, ‘couldn’t do that anymore.'”

Nigel McGuinness Aiming For AEW All In?

Back in December, Jim Ross claimed Nigel McGuinness is looking to have one more match, and suggested All In at Wembley Stadium could be the perfect spot.

While McGuinness has been an announcer for several years, he’s still better known for his time as a wrestler which reached a peak in Ring of Honor. Across two stints with the promotion, McGuinness became ROH World Champion, finding fame with his battles with Bryan Danielson.

The star almost joined WWE in 2009, but a deal fell through due to injury. McGuinness then signed with IMPACT before briefly returning to the UK and ultimately retiring in 2011.

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