TNT Title Contenders Match Set For AEW Dynamite

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Two top contenders are coming for AEW’s TNT Title held by Christian Cage and one of them is somebody that the champion knows very well.

Christian Cage is a two-time TNT Champion who has found ways to hold onto his championship for a long time and even win it back after losing it. Cage first won the title on September 23, 2023 and held the title for 89 days. At the AEW Worlds End PPV, Cage lost the TNT to Adam Copeland.

After losing the TNT Title at Worlds End, Christian’s ally Killswitch (formerly Luchasaurus) attacked Copeland from behind. Earlier in the night, Killswitch earned a TNT Title match by winning a battle royal. With that in mind, the manipulative Christian used Killswitch’s title opportunity to convince Killswitch to give it to Christian and that led to Christian winning the title back on that same night.

Despite losing the title back to Cage, Copeland is determined to be TNT Champion again. Copeland isn’t the only one because, on the February 3rd episode of Collision, rising star Daniel Garcia said he was coming for the TNT Title as well.

Adam Copeland And Daniel Garcia Set For TNT Title Contenders Match On AEW Dynamite

On the February 10th episode of AEW Collision, former TNT Champion Adam Copeland and Daniel Garcia agreed to a number one contender’s match for the TNT Title. It started with Copeland saying he wanted to win back the title that he had ripped out of his hands. That led to this promo exchange:

Garcia: “Adam it sounds to me like you think you deserve a shot at the TNT title because you’ve been getting a lot of wins. And I could not agree with you more. I believe that championship opportunities should be rewarded through wins. But you’re not the only person that’s been picking up a lot of wins.”

“Somebody else right in front of you has been on a hot streak. And I don’t mean any disrespect, but last week when I beat the Patriarchy, I looked at Christian Cage and saw that championship, and I thought maybe, just maybe I deserve a shot at the TNT title. The thing about me is I’ll fight through that line a million times over if it means I get to hold championship gold in AEW.”

Copeland: “Okay, and I can respect that. And you didn’t beat the Patriarchy by yourself. FTR helped you. But the FTR boys speak highly of you. And that’s enough for me. I respect you. But Daniel, if you’re saying you want a shot at the TNT Championship, I want a shot at the TNT Championship, I’ve got a proposal. Wednesday, Dynamite, you and I fight each other and the last man standing fights Christian. What do you say?”

Garcia: “I accept.”

Copeland: “Now I know you had a match tonight and that’s the only reason I’m not taking your face off right now. But make no mistake about it, you’re now threatening to take food off my family’s table, and that does not work for me. So, I am going to beat your ass next week.”

That match between Copeland and Garcia was confirmed by AEW for this coming Wednesday, February 14th on Dynamite.