Jim Cornette Rants About AEW Double Or Nothing Main Event – “A-Holes In The Asylum”

aew double or nothing 2023 anarchy in the arena

It’s fair to say that Jim Cornette wasn’t a big fan of the AEW Double or Nothing main event which was an Anarchy in the Arena Match.

The main event of AEW Double or Nothing last Sunday in Las Vegas saw the Blackpool Combat Club (Bryan Danielson, Jon Moxley, Claudio Castagnoli & Wheeler Yuta) defeat The Elite (Kenny Omega, “Hangman” Adam Page and The Young Bucks – Matt & Nick Jackson) in a chaotic, bloody Anarchy in the Arena Match.

After both teams fought all around the building, used weapons including thumbtacks, exploding shoes and more, the finish saw Konosuke Takeshita turn on The Elite to help the BCC win when Wheeler Yuta pinned Kenny Omega to end the match.

While reviewing the show on The Jim Cornette Experience podcast, legendary manager/booker/writer/announcer Jim Cornette ranted about things he didn’t like in the match that main evented Double or Nothing last week.

“Now it’s time for Anarchy in the Arena otherwise known as a**holes in the asylum. [sighs]”

“Twinkletoes, The Buckeroos and Hangnail Page against plumber Moxley, Claudio, Wheeler useless and poor Bryan Danielson, once the greatest wrestler in the world now forced to hold the chicken while the geek bites its head off at the county fair, and there is nothing worse than being a geek, other than being the holder for the geek. Can you imagine how low that is, to have to hold the chicken while the other guy has the high paying job of biting it’s head off?”

“Anyway, so the BCC had a band, I wonder what the music budget is? What about Ascap or BMI are they all in on this? Are they getting the memo on this? Hopefully this isn’t a f*cking bootleg type of operation, but they had some type of band play Wild Thing for the BCC and the lead singer of the band was in blackface.”

“The only difference between this guy and Aleister Black is that this guy lipstick was red rather than white, what was the meaning of this. How did this escape anybody’s attention, that there’s a f**king white guy out their in blackface just wandering about like this is normal.”

As he continued, Cornette claimed the Double or Nothing main event looked like an indy mud show rather than some major main event match.

“The fight started in the stands because The Elite went up to meet [BCC], they fight in stands, all eight guys and you can’t see anything and the cameras are trying to cut back and forth and the band is still playing and there’s bad indie wrestling everywhere going on. It’s the wet dream of any outlaw indie mud show wrestler to be on TV and do this stuff that they all do.”

H/T Inside The Ropes