AEW Collision & Rampage Ratings See Significant Drop Against Survivor Series

aew collision saturday stage

AEW suffered a night of rating woe against WWE Survivor Series: WarGames on 25th November.

Tony Khan’s organisation recorded record low numbers in it’s counter programming against the well received WWE Premium Live Event, with WWE Chief Content Officer Triple H revealing record viewership for Survivor Series during the post-WWE Survivor Series: WarGames press conference.

AEW Rampage viewing figures dropped to 233,000, representing a drop of 43% from the prior year. AEW Collision saw an even bigger reduction in eyes on the product having lost 50% of it’s 2022 audience, drawing 294,000 viewers.

The news wasn’t much better for Khan in the key 18-49 year-old demographic, with Rampage’s 83,000 viewers representing a 44% drop on 2022, whilst Collision delivered a 39% decline, pulling in just 104,000 views.

In contrast, Triple H proudly discussed WWE’s impressive achievement to the assembled media at the AllState Arena in Chicago. ‘The Game’ revealed that the opening bout, the women’s WarGames match, broke previous Survivor Series viewing records with the number of fans watching at home only continuing to grow during the evening.

AEW Continues To Struggle In Ratings War With WWE

The ratings are not what AEW President Tony Khan would have been hoping for following a disappointing return on November 4th.

AEW Collision on that day came just hours after WWE Crown Jewel from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Whilst it did not directly compete with WWE, the company did record it’s fourth lowest ever Collision viewership on that evening.