AEW Collision In Daily’s Place “A Nothing Rumor”

AEW Collision Announcement

Although there’s been plenty of speculation since the show was announced last week, it seems Daily’s Place won’t be hosting the first AEW Collision.

It was announced that AEW Collision would be the company’s third weekly television programme, which would start airing on 17th June 2023. On last week’s edition of Dynamite, Tony Khan confirmed where five of the first six shows would take place – but not the inaugural one.

There had been plenty of speculation in the build-up to the announcement that the new show would coincide with CM Punk’s return to the company, which would be part of a “hard roster split” between Dynamite and Collision. However, when the media was released he was nowhere to be seen.

Reports in the hours and days which followed indicated that there had been initial plans made for the announcement, but that they were pulled fairly late in the day. It was also suggested that a big issue revolved around Punk’s friend Ace Steel, who had seemingly been re-hired by the company months ago and had been working remotely. Although he was meant to return to the road for Collision, this plan seemingly changed.

This left the issue of where the event would be held unresolved. The top pick had been the United Center in Chicago, which would have been fitting for CM Punk’s return. However, chatter soon began that what many see as AEW’s home venue, Daily’s Place, was on standby to host the event.

In a new report from Grapsody’s Righteous Reg via Haus Of Wrestling, it would seem this was nothing but a rumor.

So, we’re all under the impression that CM Punk was gonna be the leader of this show, and then immediately it’s like, ‘Oh, well, actually, maybe he might not be.’ And then some fake rumors come out about Daily’s Place, and the United Center, and all this stuff going on but it seems as though, we’re all systems go.

Tomorrow, they should be announcing that they’re going to have the first Collision at the United Center.

That’s nothing. I went myself in search for the answer to this, and there was nothing to that rumor. That’s just some random person online getting to Dave Meltzer, and kind of getting this rumor started up. That’s a nothing rumor.

There are also reports that AEW are facing really bad ticket sales for Collision.