AEW All In “Virtually A Lock” To Beat Ticket Sales For Any Wrestling Show

AEW All In London Graphic

All In is AEW’s biggest show but it’s “virtually a lock” to make even more wrestling history.

All In will take place on the 27th of August in Wembley Stadium in London, England but with the scale of the show causing shockwaves across the wrestling world, there are still more questions than answers about the event.

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer commented on reports that All In is set to be carried on pay-per-view and notes confusion over why Tony Khan has not yet made that announcement:

“I know that there’s no indication as far as from [official sources]. I know that Brandon Thruston got the word from Direct TV that they are carrying it. We of course got the word from Comcast. It is supposed to be secret, it has not been officially announced, maybe Tony will announce it on Wednesday.

“It’s a weird one because there must have been another plan. If was just going to be another pay-per-view, why did he say whenever it was brought up that I can’t reveal it because of my partnership with WBD, we have to reveal it together? It’s just a pay-per-view, what’s there to hide? You know what I mean?”

Has AEW announced any matches for All In?

Meltzer continued by noting that with less than four weeks to go until All In, AEW has still not announced any matches for the biggest show in company history:

“They haven’t really built anything that big. I mean, I suppose they have a card, but it’s not even obvious what the card is, and we are less than a month away. This is like WrestleMania or should be, and you know, you know the WrestleMania matches months ahead. And by the time it is a month away, you know the card, even if it is not announced.

“It doesn’t bother me that nothing is announced, we still have 4 episodes of Dynamite and 4 episodes of Collision to announce matches, and that is plenty of time for a pay-per-view. But usually, when it comes to a Tony Khan pay-per-view, one of the issues is that you have two of them [PPVs] and I don’t know the matches for either of them.

“Obviously Luchasaurus and Darby, right? We know that one, and that’s in Chicago. I guess whatever The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega will do will be built on tomorrow’s show. Jericho and Ospreay, I don’t know how you get to that. The earliest that Ospreay could come is the 16th, as he has the G1, so that will be a late announcement.”

All In has already sold well over 70,000 tickets for Wembley Stadium and one AEW star has noted that the event is “definitely tracking to sell out.”

Meltzer added that the way All In tickets are now selling, the event is likely to become the biggest ticket-selling wrestling show in history:

“Tomorrow or Wednesday could be the day that they top WrestleMania 3, which would put them at number 4 on the all time list. They will still be behind WrestleMania 32 in Dallas, they will still be behind the Kola Kowriani and Jim Londos match in Athens in 1934, and they’ll be behind the Wembley Stadium show in 1992 with Bret Hart and Davey Boy Smith Jr.

“It is virtually a lock that they will beat all of them the way that tickets have moved the past couple of days. It was 77,500, so 80,000 is happening. It’s pretty safe to say that if you are at 77,500, and you got a month to go, you are going to hit 80,000. So aside from the shows in Korea, this will be the largest recorded crowd for a pro-wrestling event of all time, and may break the record before they announce the first match.”

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