AEW All In Tickets Pass Huge Milestone

aew all in group wembley

The biggest AEW show of all time is All In and they recently passed a huge milestone as far as ticket sales go.

On Sunday, August 27th, All Elite Wrestling will hold its largest event in company history at Wembley Stadium in London, England.

It’s the first time AEW will hold an event in England and based on the number of tickets already sold, they clearly made the right decision in terms of venue because the demand for tickets has been really high.

During the post-Double or Nothing press conference that aired on AEW’s Youtube channel, AEW’s Owner Tony Khan provided an update on ticket sales.

“I haven’t released a new figure yet, but we’re roughly at 65,000 (tickets). We’re well over the $8 million mark, with the exchange rate it changes with pounds, so when I say that, I mean $8 million, going on $9 million that we’re closing in on.”

Tony Khan would go on to say it was the biggest gate for any wrestling event in England. He was also informed that it’s the biggest wrestling gate for the UK meaning it surpassed the 2022 WWE Clash at the Castle event in Wales as well. That’s obviously an incredible accomplishment for a company that’s only four years old.

Even though there is a lot of anticipation for All In, Tony Khan said recently that they have yet to announce how fans can watch the show, but that should be something the company announces soon.

While AEW All In ticket sales are going strong, the ticket sales for some upcoming Collision events aren’t going well at all.