AEW All In Card “Expected To Change”

aew all in group wembley

Tony Khan has admitted the card for AEW All in is likely to change – but not for the matches which many would expect.

There has been plenty of speculation in recent weeks whether some of the high-profile matches signed for AEW’s record-breaking event at Wembley Stadium could be subject to change. Most notably, Cash Wheeler’s recent police incidents put FTR’s contest with The Young Bucks in doubt.

Tony Khan has now confirmed that the card is likely to change, although fans can be confident that certain matches will still happen.

“Real Life Situations” Affecting AEW All In

Speaking during the pre-show media scrum, AEW head honcho Tony Khan reiterated that the World Tag Team Championship match, as well as MJF’s World Championship defense against Adam Cole, would still go ahead.

However, he noted that there are likely to be some changes to the card which are being caused by real life situations which can’t be helped.

I expect more changes. They are not changes I wanted to make or planned to make. I’m not talking about the World Championship match or even the World Tag Team Title match. There will probably be some other changes to the card necessitated by things happening in the real world. Stuff, in some cases, stuff that is nobody’s fault, but stuff that is not related to the world of professional wrestling.

Khan went on to describe some of what he is planning to keep the AEW All In card strong – without giving any actual matches away.

I am going to try to work through this week to make it as strong as possible and hopefully make the card better than it had been. There will be changes to the card. I plan to add something, and I might have to make some changes in the body of the card. They are not changes that will change the quality of the show and I’m glad the big matches are in such a good position right now.

After you see some changes, whether it’s the scrum or whenever, I can talk to you more about when and why I decided to do those. It’s not like they were things where even a week or two I knew about or was expecting to have to change. That’s part of pro wrestling.

With thanks to Fightful for the transcription.