AEW’s Adam Copeland Has Major Regret About Injury

Adam Copeland AEW

Adam Copeland will miss a significant amount of time due to injury, which means missing a specific AEW event he wanted to participate in.

At AEW Double or Nothing in Las Vegas, Adam Copeland retained the TNT Championship in a brutal Barbed Wire Steel Cage Match against Malakai Black.

The match featured all kinds of weapons being used as both men were a bloody mess throughout the championship battle. Unfortunately for the two-time TNT Champion Copeland, there was a spot in the match where Copeland jumped off the cage and landed on his legs while delivering an elbow drop onto Black, who was on a table.

That cage spot led to Copeland suffering a broken leg even though he admits that the spot went exactly how he planned it to go. Copeland had surgery to repair the injury and he’s expected to be out of action for several months although there’s no specific timeline that has been announced.

Will Adam Copeland Be Able To Make It Back For AEW All In 2024?

Adam Copeland joined AEW in October 2023, which meant he wasn’t part of the company when they did All In 2023 at Wembley Stadium in London, England. Due to his injury, Copeland will likely miss the 2024 edition of All In at Wembley Stadium as well. This year’s All In event takes place on August 25th.

In an interview with Freddie Prinze Jr. on the Wrestling With Freddie podcast, Adam Copeland regrets the timing of the injury because he won’t be able to return for All In.

“The regret that I have in this injury happening when it has, was Wembley Stadium. I was really, really pumped for Wembley because throughout everything and all the different venues I’ve been — and even all the dumps that I’ve wrestled or the barns that I’ve wrestled or just whatever right — Wembley, man, like I just think of Freddy Mercury I think of Queen.”

“That’s where I go and it’s like, ‘Oh Wembley I can’t wait.’ Well, looks like I’m gonna have to wait longer.”

While Adam Copeland is currently on the shelf due to injury, he recently praised wrestling veteran Chris Jericho for being a lot of fun to watch on AEW programming.

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