Adam Copeland Files Several New Trademarks After AEW Debut

Adam Copeland shaking Sting's hand at AEW WrestleDream

The AEW debut of Adam Copeland has led to the “Rated R Superstar” filing some interesting new trademarks now that he’s All Elite.

At the end of the WrestleDream PPV in Seattle, WWE Hall of Famer Edge appeared in a non-WWE ring for the first time in 25 years and this time he was using his real name, Adam Copeland.

During his appearance, Adam Copeland got into the ring with his best friend Christian Cage. It looked like Adam would work with Cage like he has done many times in the past, but instead, Copeland beat up Cage’s allies Luchasaurus and Nick Wayne. Cage escaped unscathed.

What was interesting about Copeland’s entrance during his AEW debut is that he got to use his “Metalingus” theme song by Alter Bridge. The song was there along with the smoke surrounding him and the pyro that fans were used to seeing in WWE.

Adam Copeland files new trademarks for use in AEW

There were four trademarks filed by Adam Copeland through Wet Yeti, INC that are to be used for entertainment and merchandise purposes.

* “Ledgend” – It’s worth noting that the word “legend” is spelled wrong, but his WWE name “Edge” is a part of that trademark.

* “Cope” – Those are the first four letters of his last name, so perhaps it could be used as a nickname for him.

* “The Rogue”

* “Iconoclast”

During the post-WrestleDream media conference call, Adam Copeland made it clear that he wants to contribute as a wrestler and behind the scenes where he’s needed as well.

Following his debut, AEW announced a new Adam Copeland “Rated R Era” shirt while there will be other new merchandise items coming in the days ahead.