Adam Copeland Slams WWE Traitor Claims After AEW Switch

Adam Copeland

Adam Copeland has addressed accusations from some sections of wrestling’s fanbase that he’s a traitor for leaving WWE to continue his career in AEW.

The man best known to WWE fans as Edge had done it all during his first run in the company before his career was cut short due to injury. Miraculously nine years after being forced into retirement, the WWE Hall of Famer returned to the ring for a chance to go out on his own terms. And that’s exactly what he’s doing.

Adam Copeland had an offer to re-sign with WWE but ultimately left the company to debut for AEW at WrestleDream in October 2023.

Copeland had his first PPV match for AEW at Full Gear when he teamed with Darby Allin and Sting to defeat his old friend Christian Cage, Nick Wayne, and Luchasaurus.

But in the modern wrestling landscape, the old adage ‘you can’t please all of the people all of the time’ has never been truer and for some there is a bizarre loyalty that exists to the wrestling companies rather than the people who work for them, leading some to suggest Adam Copeland is a traitor.

Adam Copeland Says He’s Not A Traitor After AEW Switch

Speaking to Adrian Hernandez, Adam Copeland hit back at suggestions that he was somehow a traitor to WWE for joining AEW and likened the situation to Hollywood stars making movies for different studios:

You know, it’s interesting. Just in terms of, I guess, how people have almost a brand allegiance or a team allegiance kind of thing. For me, I knew there was gonna be some fan base in switching companies that [said], ‘Oh, he’s a traitor.’ But, man, nobody’s a traitor. We left on great terms.

“And for me, here’s how I Iook at it. Paul Newman did movies for Paramount. He also did movies for MGM. Did you not watch them because they were MGM, and you have this really, really, like, strong opinion about Paramount films? Like, that’s what we’re talking about here, right?

For me, I’m doing all I ever wanted to do, and I’m getting a chance to do it again after I was told I would never do it again. I get to do it with my best friend. I get to look at a whole new roster of opponents. That to me is exciting, and to be able to get as excited as I am at 50 years old, why wouldn’t I do that?

Adam Copeland will likely continue his feud with Christian Cage in AEW after the TNT Champion abandoned his partners and ran off at Full Gear.

h/t Wrestling Inc.