Adam Copeland Rules Out Famous Rematch

Adam Copeland

Adam Copeland won’t be recreating one of his most famous matches.

In October 1999, Edge & Christian and The Hardy Boyz took tag team wrestling to new heights with an acclaimed Ladder Match at No Mercy. The match was the first of its kind in WWE, and the two teams received a standing ovation on Raw the following night.

Eventually, the Dudley Boyz were added to the mix and the matches continued to raise the bar. Their rivalry peaked at WrestleMania X-Seven with the creation of the TLC match, with a number of the setpieces still beloved by fans today.

With all six combatants now outside of WWE, some fans have called for them to rerun their famous clash from 2001. However, while speaking to Alex Nino Ghecciu of the Lethbridge Herald, Adam Copeland said it was time to move on.

“People say (they want to see it), but no, actually stop and think about it for a second. We were in our early 20s when we did those matches. We’re in our 50s now. Leave it in a very good place in memory, and let us do what we do now, which is tell better stories,”

Adam Copeland – “A Monopoly Is Never A Good Idea”

In a different interview, Adam Copeland talked up the importance of AEW and the need for a thriving independent scene. The WWE Hall of Famer explained that the more places there are to work, the healthier the industry will be as a whole.

Copeland left WWE in the summer of 2023, before signing with AEW that October.