Adam Copeland Named As Dream Match Of Current Star

Adam Copeland makes AEW debut at WrestleDream

Adam Copeland is a target for one of the independent scene’s biggest stars.

Since the star formerly known as Edge signed with AEW, much has been made about potential ‘dream matches.’ Copeland has spoken openly about taking on the best that AEW has to offer as well as competing in Japan and taking part in the famous G1 Climax Tournament.

However, it seems that Copeland is also a target for other stars around the world. After all, the star is something of a tag team legend, 11-time World Champion, and WWE Hall of Famer.

On October 22nd, Matt Cardona was asked on social media if he had a dream match in any promotion, and the star simply replied “Adam Copeland.”

Does Adam Copeland Have History With Matt Cardona?

By the time Matt Cardona and Bryan Myers made their main roster debuts for WWE in May 2007, Copeland had long been established as one of the biggest stars in the company.

Although the pair initially featured on ECW they were moved to SmackDown as part of the Draft, eventually joining forces with Copeland his on-screen partner Vickie Guerrero. The faction which also featured Chavo Guerrero and Bam Neely feuded with The Undertaker before breaking up in 2008.

Cardona previously stated that he wanted Copeland to remain with WWE so that when he returned they could have a match.