Adam Copeland Reveals If Legendary WrestleMania Spot Was His Idea

Adam Copeland

Adam Copeland has confirmed that one of the most memorable moments of his career as Edge was something that he came up with.

The current AEW TNT Champion Adam Copeland can’t use the name “Edge” as an All Elite Wrestling competitor, but everybody who watches him will always know him by that name. That’s because Copeland wrestled in WWE as Edge for 25 years (minus nine years when he was hurt) and created a lot of memorable moments along the way.

When it comes to WrestleMania itself, Copeland will always be remembered for the legendary tag team ladder match, the iconic TLC match, a fiery Hardcore Match, and many other incredible moments.

At WrestleMania 22 in 2006, Adam Copeland competed as Edge against Mick Foley in a chaotic Hardcore Match. It’s a match that had one of the most memorable endings ever when Copeland delivered a Spear off the apron that drove Foley and himself through a flaming table on the floor. Copeland pinned Foley on the floor to win the match that will never be forgotten.

In an interview with Insight’s Chris Van Vliet, Copeland was asked if he came up with the fiery table spot.

“It was part of my plan. I’ve always said this, if you see something stupid that I do, chances are it was my idea. Whether it’s the AA off of a ladder through two tables, whether it’s the flaming table, chances are it was it was my stupidity. Yeah, I don’t even have like a good answer as to why. I mean, obviously, I’m a masochist on some level. But I think every pro wrestler is.”

Adam Copeland Comments On What WrestleMania 22 Match With Mick Foley Meant To Him

That match between Copeland and Foley was a big one for both guys. For Copeland, he held the WWE Title earlier in 2006, but was not put in a main event match at WrestleMania 22. As for Foley, it was his chance to have a memorable WrestleMania match. Copeland went on to discuss the mindset of both guys.

“The one with Mick I had a giant chip on my shoulder. Because I felt like I was at least in my mind kind of pushed back from the main event scene. And I felt like finally I earned my stripes and my spot there. So that was a chance for me to kind of show everybody that’s where I belong. And I knew Mick was the perfect person to help make that come to fruition.”

“And we both had agendas that night. Mine was I really wanted Mick Foley to get a WrestleMania moment, that was true. I felt like he deserved that and he’d be the first to say that he hadn’t had that.”

“So that was important for me and when I have a mission to accomplish, I work better. His mission was to solidify me as a main event guy and also to solidify me as someone that people might start looking at in a different light like oh he is tough.”

Even through all those TLCs and ladders it was still like oh he has long blonde hair, you know all of those things and so it felt like we both needed something out of that and when you get two maniacs both working toward goals some brutal things can happen. So the tone the mood was far different than it was with Taker.”

At the age of 50, Copeland is still competing at a high level after picking up a huge win over Brody King on AEW Dynamite. Copeland will defend the TNT Title again on the May 11th edition of Colliison when he faces fellow Canadian Kyle O’Reilly in Vancouver, which is Kyle’s hometown.