Adam Copeland Thinks Watching Christian Cage In AEW Is “Really Fun”

Adam Copeland speaking to Christian Cage in AEW

Christian Cage is really expressing himself during his current AEW run, according to Adam Copeland.

As soon as rumors started circulating that the former Edge was making his way to AEW, it was assumed that there would at least be some sort of involvement with his former tag team partner and lifelong friend Christian Cage. That’s exactly what happened at WrestleDream, when Copeland hit the ring following Cage’s successful title defense against Darby Allin.

In a discussion with The Masked Man Show, Adam Copeland spoke of how he feels Cage is being his true self during his current run.

I know this is him without the governor on him. This is him being allowed to express his mind and how he thinks of things and stories, and not only that, but teaching all of the people that are with him because you can see already how much Luchasarus has grown.

“That’s Character”

Continuing on, Adam Copeland discussed some of the reactions Christian Cage is now getting, and how it can be for character points rather than moves during matches.

When he picked up the belt and turned away, it was the biggest reaction of his career and it wasn’t just a pro wrestling move, it was from turning away while holding a belt. That’s character, now they care about the character. He can do moonsaults off the top, which is crazy because he’s a freak, but that means they are starting to care about the character now and that is the difference between being a wrestler and being over as a wrestler.

That’s what Jay brings to the table, so watching him do this now and watching him create, that’s super fun, man. Just [on Wednesday], I had no idea what I was going to say when I went out there, but I had fifteen minutes to fill. That’s really exciting and I know that’s what he’s been doing, and last night I really got to kind of experience that, and it was really fun.

Adam Copeland also recently compared Darby Allin to some former WWE Champions.

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