Adam Cole Praises “Leader” In The AEW Locker Room

Adam Cole making his entrance at AEW All In: London

Adam Cole has singled out a wrestler who “eats, sleeps and breathes pro wrestling” as a locker room leader in AEW.

Despite only being around for a short space of time, All Elite Wrestling brought in such a wealth of talent to the company, many of which had the experience and credentials to be classed as locker room leaders.

Whilst there can be no doubt that the likes of Bryan Danielson and Jon Moxley fit that role well, Adam Cole has singled out another wrestler who he feels is at the helm when it comes to leading by example.

“He Loves AEW With His Whole Heart”

In the Media Scrum following AEW All Out, Adam Cole listed the reasons why current World Champion, and his partner as ROH Tag Team Champions, is a leader in the locker room.

Max is certainly a leader. Max is someone who … he eats, sleeps and breathes pro wrestling. He’s been in a position where he’s been in AEW from the start.

He loves AEW, with his whole entire heart. He’s so proud of the product that we produce, he’s very proud of the locker room.

So, generally, Max is one of those guys who leads by example. He’s someone that the entire locker room can look up to in a lot of ways, just based on how passionate he is about the company and how passionate he is about wanting whatever he’s involved in to be the best it can possibly can be. He’s been an excellent leader.

It seems as if the next challenge for MJF’s World Championship could be lined up, after Samoa Joe made his entrance at All Out before MJF had left, and pushed him on the entrance ramp leading to a brawl between the pair.

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