Adam Cole Details How Important ROH Was To His Career

Adam Cole

Adam Cole has wrestled in the three biggest companies in North America and has a lot of positive things to say about his time in Ring of Honor (ROH).

Cole wrestled for ROH between 2009 and 2017. During that time, Cole won the ROH World Championship three times and the ROH World Television Championship once.

It was also during that time that Cole first started teaming and associating with the Bullet Club, and it was through that relationship that he reached an even bigger audience and eventually made his way to NXT.

Adam Cole has been very appreciative of his time in ROH, and spoke of his memories of his time in that company in an interview with Superstar Crossover.

“I think Ring of Honor may be the most important company that has helped evolve what modern pro wrestling is today. Seriously, when you look at all the talent that came from Ring of Honor, Bryan Danielson, Samoa Joe, the Briscoes, AJ Styles, The Young Bucks.

I mean, the list goes on and on and on of these guys who have come through Ring of Honor in some capacity, and also the style of wrestling that kind of started to transcend and move forward a little bit into the casual wrestling audience and what they liked in wrestling matches was huge.

Again, these were guys who not all of us are 6’4, 265 pounds, a lot of us had this certain style of pro wrestling that we really wanted to showcase. The athleticism was huge. The hard-hitting style was huge. The crazy passionate fan base was really important. So to this day, you know, I spent seven years in Ring of Honor and my first wrestling contract ever was with ROH.

So there is no doubt in my mind, I would have not gone to NXT, I would have not gone to New Japan Pro Wrestling, I might not be in AEW if it wasn’t for my time in ROH. That’s just for me personally. I think a bunch of guys can say the same thing. So ROH is incredibly important in the modern era of wrestling that we’re in, and the history is incredibly important.”

h/t Fightful for the transcription

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