Adam Cole Provides Health Update Ahead of AEW In-Ring Return

adam cole aew dynamite

Adam Cole has given an update regarding his AEW in-ring return adding that he “feels great” after a long injury lay off.

After competing at AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door last June, Adam Cole has not wrestled since suffering a severe concussion in the fatal four-way match and was limited to just one appearance on Dynamite two months later.

But on January 11th, AEW fans in the Kia Forum erupted as Adam Cole’s music hit and the former Undisputed Era leader shared his focus is on returning to the ring.

Adam Cole has now been discussing his current status and how he feels “really, really good” and that he has never felt better physically whilst teasing a return date on Wrestling Observer Radio.

“I feel great. Again, the idea of just being able to be back on the road in some capacity, and kind of just be around AEW has been great for me mentally. But as far as physically, it’s the best I’ve ever felt. I still have a little ways to go until I get to a point where I think I’m ready to rock and roll as far as going in the ring and having a 30-or-45-minute match.”

“But as far as far as how I’m feeling, again, compared to even two-and-a-half, three months ago, I feel fantastic. I feel really, really good. Then like I said, just mentally, to be able to be back at AEW, around the fans, around the crew, has been huge for me. So I feel good. I feel really good.”

Whilst discussing the injury lay off, Adam Cole added that this had been his longest break from in-ring action and had allowed his body to heal. The concussion last summer added to injuries sustained in previous matches.

Adam Cole shared that whilst warming up against “Hangman” Adam Page he suffered a partial tear in his labrum and a strained rotator cuff. Then in the Owen Hart Tournament Final with Samoa Joe, a head injury led to difficulties controlling his body during the match.

“In a lot of ways, I’ll go back even earlier, where I kind of felt like, even day to day, I felt pretty banged up in general. I was doing okay, and I wrestled sore, and I worked for months being banged up. A lot of wrestlers have, obviously. That’s just part of what we do. But I kind of noticed that certain things weren’t adding up correctly.

“For example, when I re-injured my shoulder, I had just got done with the Hangman Page matchup at the pay-per-view, and I’m warming up, getting ready for another match, and I just felt this sharp pain in my shoulder, and I didn’t understand what it was. I’m just warming up. This was before I even got out there, and then I went and got it checked out, and there was a partial tear in my labrum, and a strained rotator cuff, just from warming up.

“I’m like, ‘What is going on?’ A few weeks after that is the Owen Hart final with Samoa Joe, and again, nothing particularly caught me or got me. There was no moment where I was like, ‘Oh, this is what did it for me.’ All of a sudden, I just noticed that my body was not moving correctly with what my brain was telling it to do.”

“I remember everything, but I remember being so confused, like my legs didn’t feel like they were working correctly, I just felt like I was walking weird, my balance was off. Then after that match, again, immediately, the doctors thought something was up. I got tested, they said that I had a head injury there. So again, normally, after that, I thought everything was okay.”

While there has not been a return match announced for Adam Cole yet, his AEW comeback match should be coming very soon.

H/t to Fightful