A Former WWE Champion Was Held Hostage By Jimmy Snuka After A Party

A Former WWE Champion Was Held Hostage By Jimmy Snuka After A Party

Former WWE Tag Team Champion Jerry Sags exposed a bizarre and entertaining incident involving his Nasty Boys partner, Brian Knobbs, being held hostage in a hotel room by Jimmy Snuka after a night of partying.

In a recent interview with Wrestling Shoot Interviews, Sags recounted the tale that unfolded during a wild night in Salt Lake City. According to Sags, the event took a strange turn when Knobbs found himself locked out of a hotel room where a party was in full swing. The perpetrators of this prank were none other than WWE Hall of Famers Jimmy Snuka and Shawn Michaels along with Marty Jannetty. In an attempt to rejoin the festivities, Knobbs used the adjoining room to access the balcony of the party room, which was located 13 stories above.

It was in Salt Lake City, Knobbs went out on the balcony 13 stories up and they locked him out, it was Jimmy [Snuka], Shawn [Michaels], and Marty [Jannetty] the whole gang was in there having a party, and they ribbed him and locked him out of the door. The room next door was either ours or somebody’s and he got in, he went on the balcony and 13 stories up and went three or four feet somehow to the next balcony, got on their balcony and then pounded on the glass door and they let him in then.

The intensity of the story heightened when Knobbs, attempting to make a quiet exit after the party, was unexpectedly physically restrained by Snuka. Describing the moment, Sags vividly depicted how Snuka clung dramatically onto Knobbs’ knees, refusing to let him leave.

So, Jimmy made Knobbs stay as the last one and when Knobbs went ‘Well Jimmy I’m getting…’ and then Jimmy jumped up on the dresser and leapt off and grabbed both of Knobbs knees and he goes ‘You’re not leaving me too brother, are you?’ Knobbs went ‘No Jimmy, I ain’t going nowhere Jimmy.’ Jimmy wouldn’t let him leave, so Knobbs got stuck in that trap with the Superfly.

When Did WWE Hall Of Famer Jimmy Snuka Die?

WWE Hall of Famer Superfly Jimmy Snuka passed away on January 15th 2017. He died at the age of 73 after battling stomach cancer for many years.

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