5 WWE Stars Who Might Retire Soon

Edge WWE

As any fans of the sport know all too well, professional wrestling can take a serious toll on the body. Professional wrestling stars spend their career touring around the world, executing explosive acrobatics, getting smashed through furniture and maintaining a gruelling training regimen just to step in the ring. And while many professional wresting stars have had long-running careers, on the whole, it is very much a young man’s game!

With that said, are there any stars on the current WWE roster who look set to retire in the coming year? And if you were looking to secure the best sports betting odds, who would be on your hitlist for potential retirees? For our predictions of who might call time on their career this year, keep reading!

Rey Mysterio

Although Rey Mysterio is just a couple of years shy of 50 years old, the legendary wrestler hailing from Chula Vista can still move with the best of them. And despite having started wrestling all the way back in 1989, Mysterio can still move around the ring with an incredible – if not unparalleled – level of athleticism.

In many respects, the time is right for Mysterio to hang up his mask. Not only has he racked up his fair share of injuries over the years, his son Dominik looks ready to take over from his father.

Rey and Dominik have put in some great performances together as a tag-team pairing and it is clear that the younger Mysterio is every bit as talented and technical as his father. With that said, it is quite likely that we will see a few more months and years of Dominik building up his character while still in his father’s shadow, before his old man eventually does call time on his career.

Brock Lesnar

One name that is seemingly always swirling in the rumor mill when it comes to retirement is Brock Lesnar, who is still a massive superstar in the WWE despite being well past his prime.

Although he is getting on in life and is riddled with the battle scars and injuries of a long career, Lesnar is still looking in incredible shape. However, he hasn’t been receiving quite the same level of attention in recent months and years, which might indicate that he is trying to call time on his career.

However, with no official announcement from Lesnar, we can still expect to see him popping up at shows in months to come. In particular, it seems that so long as he can still cash in on some eye-watering paychecks with the WWE, Lesnar is more than happy to stick around for a few more years. And with the date for the epic Rhodes vs Brock III just confirmed, it seems there’s life in the old dog yet!


Although it seems like yesterday that the legendary Edge came out of retirement to take the WWE world by storm, we are already beginning to see indications that he might be on his way out again.

Edge returned from retirement in 2019, having initially retired eight years previously. However, when he came out of retirement in 2019, he did indicate that this run would last for around five years, so it makes sense that he is already planning his exit.

Although this WWE Hall of Famer has not announced anything concrete, we can expect that as the 2024 season draws to a close, Edge will more than likely look to hang up his boots.

Roman Reigns

Despite being relatively young in WWE years, Roman Reigns has already announced plans to wind his career down after a solid stint in the spotlight.

Reigns recently announced to fans that under a new contract, he would be making fewer appearances in the months and years to come, and it is widely understood that this is his way of slowly winding down his career. Reigns has also experienced some success outside the ring in the film world, which is likely contributing to his decision.


As one of the oldest wrestlers – despite his still youthful looks – currently signed to the WWE, R-Truth is high up on the list of potential retirees this year.

Over the course of his long and storied career, R-Truth has been a mainstay of the WWE roster. However, now that this superstar has passed the 50-year-old mark, it is more likely than not we will see him calling time on his career at some point in the near future.

Although we don’t know exactly when he will make the announcement – although rumors have been circulating for some time – we do know that when he does decide to step away, this highly entertaining star will be sorely missed!