5 Best Games for Wrestling Fanatics

Triple H Hulk Hogan WWE video game

Wrestling is a massively popular sport around the USA and in many other parts of the world. This sees a global army of wrestling fanatics follow every event, bout, and match. In addition, people who love this sport also like catching up on the hottest stories around the pro wrestling circuit. But what do fans do when there are no bouts to watch and no stories to catch up on?

A good way to pass the time is to try out games that have a wrestling theme. This enables you to get your fix of the sport in other ways and keep boredom at bay. But which are the five best games for wrestling aficionados to consider?

1. Online Wrestling-themed Slots

Although your first thought might be to check out video games that wrestling fans might enjoy, online slots are also worth considering. Slot games based on wrestling are not only easy to find at top iGaming sites, with an extensive portal of games, but are a perfect choice for those looking for awesome wrestling games. From Lucha Legends to Wild Luchador, Lucha Maniacs, and more, games like this will help pass the time when there is no wrestling to watch on TV or you fancy a change from catching up on the latest WWE news online.

2. WWF No Mercy

When it comes to trying out the best wrestling games ever made, it is not always about the latest releases or most modern titles. Whilst it might have come out on the N64 originally in 2000, developers AKI did an amazing job with WWF No Mercy. The graphics may look a little dated now, but the gameplay has real depth and is paced to perfection.

This game also includes some of the most iconic names in the sport and has a massive roster of wrestlers to pick from. There is also a good choice of match types to dive into and a seriously impressive create-a-wrestler mode to check out. Modern players can check this classic out online, where there are mods available to download the latest NXT and WWE stars!

3. WWE 2K14

Released on both the PS3 and Xbox360 in 2013, WWE 2K14 is a more up-to-date wrestling game that fans can enjoy spending time playing. The story mode here is especially good and sees 40 of the greatest WrestleMania matches ever to play through. With graphics that still stand up in 2023 and pleasingly crunching sound FX, the gameplay in Yuke’s stunner is also smooth. This game’s ‘Streak’ mode is also a cool feature and gives you a chance to defend or eclipse the Undertaker’s WrestleMania winning streak record. This really is one of the best wrestling games to try, and should keep you entertained for a long time.

4. Fire Pro Wrestling World

Officially licensed wrestling games may be the first port of call for many fans, but there are some excellent titles to check out that sit outside of this. Fire Pro Wrestling World is a great example and is available via the online Steam gaming platform. The deep gameplay is the main draw here and enables you to have full customization over many aspects of the game. The timing and strategy-based gameplay is also a huge plus and gives it a different feel from other wrestling titles you could try. With online multiplayer bouts available, plus a story mode and a huge choice of match types (from steel cage matches to death matches and more), this is a real winner.

5. Wrestling Empire

In addition to wrestling games to play online or via console, those that you can enjoy on mobile devices are worth considering. With mobile gaming so popular now, they are an ideal way to indulge your love for the sport when out and about! Wrestling Empire is perhaps the best wrestling game for mobile players and is available on both iOS and Android.

This is a great-looking game and one that puts you right into the heart of the action. This is certainly true for the game’s ‘Story Mode’, which enables you to create your own wrestler and guide them through their career. This sees you not only making alliances that shape your career but also engaging in bitter rivalries that affect your progress in the game. The open-world environment of Wrestling Empire and multi-player functionality is also a real plus.

Top Wrestling Games to Check Out Today

Watching the latest wrestling action on TV or getting up to speed with the freshest wrestling gossip is always fun, but what do you do after this? Fans of the sport can get even closer to it by trying out the best wrestling games. These games are not only a great way to fill time when there is no wrestling to watch but are also lots of fun to play.