This is a site related post that I think is some pretty cool news because for the first time ever we’ve created some awesome shirts that you can buy to support us here at TJRWrestling.net

We set up a story with ProWrestlingTees located at Prowrestlingtees.com/tjrwrestling and have uploaded three shirts so far. Here’s a screenshot of what it looks like if you go there or you can click the graphic below to go there.

tjrwrestling shirts

All of the shirts are available for $19.99 US. They will stay at that price. They are black shirts. For now, that’s the only option, but in time we’ll add some white ones as well. They all have content on the front side and nothing on the back. If we put stuff on the back then we would would have to raise the price and I don’t want to do that.

A quick rundown of the shirts available right now:

1. TJRWrestling.net Logo – Pretty simple shirt with our TJRWrestling.net logo on it. Great to wear in support of the site. Thanks to my graphic design friend Melo Man for it.

2. The Raw Deal – My main column is The Raw Deal and we always use “The Preferred Read” phrase on it, so I think that looks pretty awesome. Thanks to my graphic design friend Melo Man for it.

3. TJR Phrases – This is a fun one because a reader named Steven Fornton made it with the suggestions of our readers on Facebook. You can see there are a lot of phrases on there that I use a lot or others use a lot. And yes ROLLUP OF DEATH~! is on there.

If you’re going to WrestleMania, I’ll likely have a bunch of the shirts there. I’ll be at the Wrestlecon event working at a table there and will have my shirts there most likely.

As a final pitch, all I can really say is if you have supported the site over the years I’m sincerely grateful. If you appreciate the work that we’ve done here then I really hope you can support the site by purchasing a shirt for you, a family member, a friend or whoever is important to you in your life. The site isn’t going anywhere and all I really want is for it to grow, so you’d be helping us out by picking up one of those shirts and helping us spread the word.

Once again the URL to the store is Prowrestlingtees.com/tjrwrestling – thanks to ProWrestlingTees for working with us. Check out their site for all kinds of cool shirts including from the likes of Steve Austin, CM Punk and many others as well.

Do you have ideas for what we can put on shirts? Suggest something in the comments below and we may use it.

That’s all I have for now. Royal Rumble preview up tomorrow. Thanks for reading.