A brand new episode of the WWE Network original series Table for 3 will be airing this Friday, February 20 at 4:30 am ET. The episode will feature legendary old-timers/WWE Hall of Famers Bob Backlund, Larry Zbyszko and Stan Hansen.

Although Backlund may be known to new wrestling fans as Darren Young’s crazy manager, he’s also a two-time WWF Champion and holds the second longest reign in the title’s history, behind Bruno Sammartino. He also wrestled for WWF in the 1990s as a bow-tie wearing heel.

“The Living Legend” Larry Zbysko is best known for his rivalry with Sammartino in the early 1980s, where he was initially Sammartino’s protege until he turned on Sammartino, thus turning Zbyszko into one of the most hated wrestlers in WWF at the time. Zbyszko is also a two-time AWA World Heavyweight Champion and the last wrestler to hold that title.

Stan Hansen was a huge international star and one of wrestling’s most notorious brawlers. He’s best known for “breaking” Sammartino’s neck in the 1970s, being the first foreigner to defeat Japanese wrestling legends Antonio Inoki and Giant Baba, and winning the AWA World Heavyweight Championship.

The following is WWE Network’s official synopsis of Friday’s Table for 3 episode.

“1970’s Sports Entertainment Legends and WWE Hall of Famers Larry Zbyszko, Stan Hansen and Bob Backlund recall career highlights over dinner!”

If you’d like to know more about Backlund, Zbyszko and Hansen, you can watch each of their WWE Hall of Fame video packages below which highlights their careers.