The Match Beyond Podcast Ep #18 - The Bullet Club, Dilemmas For Both WWE Champions, WWE Live & Lesnar

This week on The Match Beyond podcast, Hank and Mark McAllen join me to discuss the following topics. We start with the latest news on The Bullet Club in Ring of Honor and has the stable officially jumped the shark? Warning, Spoilers included in this portion of the discussion. After that, we transition to the dilemmas facing the current Universal and World Champions in WWE. Now that Kevin Owens has changed to a cold blooded heel and has some much needed momentum, how can they get him past Goldberg and not waste what was an incredible turn on Chris Jericho? As for Bray Wyatt, is it officially his time now? After two clean pins on John Cena and another one on AJ Styles inside Elimination Chamber, will WWE finally go with him as “they guy” on Smackdown. How does Luke Harper, Randy Orton, and AJ as well, fit into the title picture? A lot of interesting possibilities we throw out on this particular question. Finally, I went to a Live Event on Friday that involved Brock Lesnar and it really left me wondering what was the point of bringing him in for the show. I discuss his involvement on the show and then the three of us discuss how to make live events feel important and want fans to come out more and more. Thanks for all the feedback as of late and please continue to send it to me via Twitter, @KTankTMB!

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