Sunny,Sunny, Sunny….*shakes head*

She was the most downloaded woman on AOL in 1996 even beating out Pamela Anderson. She was the most popular woman in wrestling for almost two years. Drugs and bad choices would see her cast away from worldwide fame. Then in 2011, she got her life back together, got in shape and was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame looking like the Sunny we all knew and loved. Now she’s let herself go a little bit, she has a new boyfriend every 3 weeks on Facebook and TMZ are reporting she’s getting into porn. So of course on Inside The Ropes this week we have a long discussion about Sunny’s lady garden or what’s left of it and if it can handle the abuse of a punishing porn schedule. A must listen during the news section of the podcast, I’m sure you’ll agree!

TJRWrestling’s own Director of Operations (except without the snazzy suit) John Canton joins us on this week’s podcast too as the three of us discuss the WWE Payback show. We delve into the matches and offer some analysis and banter on all the happenings from this past Sunday in Baltimore, Maryland. We then had to talk about Kevin Owens debut on RAW. With JC being Canadian, he naturally rubs it into our sad Scottish faces how many great Canadian wrestlers there’s been over the years.

That’s not all on this week’s episode. We’re also joined by wrestling’s living meme inspiration himself, JTG! The Cryme Tyme star talks to me about his new ebook ‘DAMN! Why Did I Write This Book?!’ I read it ahead of the interview and it’s fantastic. At just 67 pages, it’s a short, funny and intense look at the behind the scenes politics in WWE. As you’ll hear from JTG in the interview, he isn’t a bitter man and has turned some negatives into a positive. Hope to hear what you guys think!

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If you’ve just started listening and you can’t get enough of the show then let’s get in the DeLorean and travel back in time to 2013 when we tracked down the legendary WWF announcer Sean Mooney for an interview. He’s more than happy to take a stroll down memory lane with us so check it out here:

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