Inside The Ropes Radio: The Icon Sting Comes To The UK & John Canton Returns To ITR!

The cat’s been let out of the bag and here at Inside The Ropes, we’re not just a podcast full of banter and guests, but we also promote the odd live Q&A event. From DDP in tears telling us he wanted Jake Roberts in the Hall of Fame to Jim Cornette hitting me across the back with a tennis racket and cutting a promo on 7UP, We’ve had some fun nights in Glasgow, Scotland with legendary wrestling names. Now, we’re going on tour with the one and only, STING! This October we’re bringing him over to meet fans and get a photo with him in his famous facepaint as well as an evening of stories and answering fan questions. If you’re in the UK and you wanna come along, head over to our website at for all the ticket info and come see ITR Live with The Stinger!

Meanwhile on the podcast front, it’s been a busy week for old WWE. With an eventful Battleground show and fallout on RAW, We brought in our main man, John Canton to break it all down and talk about the big show. From Undertaker’s return, what it means for him and Brock Lesnar in their SummerSlam showdown, Kevin Owens loss to John Cena, the Divas revolution and so much more is discussed. And of course as always we have a pop at Sunny because well she deserves it. Plus, John asks Robert about his most recent scarf purchase.

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I’ll be back next week to talk about what’s coming up on ITR. Have a great week!

Kenny McIntosh
Inside The Ropes
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