Note from John Canton: Say hello to my friend Kenny. He’ll be posting some stuff around here going forward. Listen to his radio show. It’s good stuff.

You might be wondering -and quite rightly – ‘who are you?’, and ‘why are you writing on TJRWrestling?’ Both are valid questions, so here’s the answer.

My name is Kenny, and I’ve been a wrestling fan ever since my mum’s friend bought me a Hasbro wrestling ring in 1990, and my mum then had to buy me a few action figures to go with the ring! From there – after buying me a couple of VHS tapes, WrestleMania III and SummerSlam ’89 – I was hooked. I mean, when you see a man in big yellow pants, bodyslamming a Giant on one tape, and see a fat, polkadot-wearing man with a big fried egg birthmark beating up an Elvis lookalike on the other, you know this is a world that you want to learn more about.

I grew up in Scotland, and as a kid I got to enjoy the 1992 boom period in the UK, complete with WrestleMania the album, SummerSlam 92, massive European tours etc. Then as a teenager, I got to soak up all of the ‘Attitude Era’. All you UK readers will remember having to wait till Friday night to see Raw on Sky Sports. In school, all the guys who shat on wrestling would now be asking you about DX and Stone Cold.

I’ve pretty much continued to watch wrestling – specifically WWE – through the 2000’s, and for the most part enjoy the product and the talent. Then in 2012, my buddy Robert and I decided over some pizza and an episode of Raw that we could do a podcast. It wouldn’t be a Meltzer or Keller level affair, offering insider scoops or veteran analysis, but Robert and I both did Journalism at school (aka University for Brits) and we’d like to think we can, for the most part, offer level headed analysis. Half the time, we like to really delve into the stories and look at wrestling like a TV show, deconstructing the characters in that regard. The other half of the time, we like to think we say what a lot of fans are thinking. If something is utter garbage, we’ll make fun of it and mock it as it deserves to be.

So, we have hosted a podcast called Inside The Ropes since January, 2012. We became popular through interviews with the likes of Eric Bischoff, Vince Russo, Bruno Sammartino, Steve Austin, Chris Jericho, Mick Foley and dozens of others. We’ve even ran live Q&A events with DDP, Jim Cornette, Colt Cabana and Sunny over the years, but the guest we’ve had on the podcast the most is the ‘Total Diva’ himself, John Canton.

John mocks my love of The Great Khali (it’s deep and it’s real), and we ask him about WWE news and events. He was kind enough to reach out to us and offer us a weekly platform to let you guys know what’s going on this week on Inside The Ropes, and why you should check it out if you’re a fan of wrestling audio goodness.

It’s funny because I remember around 2009 or so, I stumbled upon John’s PPV and Raw reviews on Rajah.com, and it became a weekly ritual to read them. Ok, maybe I skip the play-by-play and just read the analysis, but that analysis is still a part of my week. For us to now be good friends and have him let us come on here and plug our stuff is pretty awesome, so thanks John!

Funnily enough, our podcast from this past Monday featured John himself. Robert, the man himself and I talked in detail about Extreme Rules. I watched it at home like a saddo with no friends, Robert watched it in a bar in Glasgow to avoid falling asleep during the show, and John was in the Allstate Arena live in Chicago. It’s a pretty cool dynamic to have three different perspectives on the show, which I think you guys would enjoy. That’s about 40 minutes into the show and we go just over an hour, the perfect companion for your trip to work.

Before that, Robert and I go through our weekly news segment, where we talk about Daniel Bryan’s injury, the return of King Of The Ring, Ronda Rousey’s status for next year’s WrestleMania, and then we go through all the different WWE Network shows that are debuting and decide whether they’re worth watching. It does end up descending into us talking about what UK game shows we’d like to see involving wrestling talent, and we also discuss the greatness of a Vince and Linda McMahon reality show, following them around in their day-to-day lives.

Feel free to check it out at this link, where you can download or stream it at your leisure – http://theinsidenetwork.podomatic.com/entry/2015-04-27T01_59_59-07_00

Each week, we’ll be letting you know what’s currently going on with ITR, what guests we’ve had on, some opinions, some banter and even occasional rants. We’ll be back next week to talk about Zach Gowen joining ITR, eager to talk about his career and how he encountered a naked Hulk Hogan. There’s a mental image to destroy your day!

Here’s a pic of Robert (on the left), the legendary Jim Cornette and me when we hosted Cornette for a live show. He was a great guy to hear talking about the business we all love so much.

See ya next week!

– Kenny McIntosh
Inside The Ropes

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