Inside The Ropes Radio: Steve Wilton of Ultimate (Warrior) Creations Part Two & Jim Ross Flashback

Two weeks ago we had tens of thousands of people downloading and listening to the first part of my interview with Steve Wilton, manager of Ultimate Warrior. We talked about him becoming involved with Warrior and guiding him back to WWE in 2014.

On this week’s episode, we aired part two. It’s had a phenomenal response because at the heart of it, it’s the story of a man dying too soon and his best friend and manager, finding out in a pretty awful way. It was like a nightmare. One of the most perfect professional weekends of Warrior’s career happened in New Orleans. He got inducted into the Hall of Fame, got to appear on WrestleMania and RAW one last time and then he dies the next day. Steve opens up about all of it and it’s a pretty emotional interview that is well worth a listen.

Elsewhere on the podcast this week, we talk about the fight with Kimbo Slice and Ken Shamrock. Blink and you missed it, but it’s worth a bit of discussion. We got a great message from a listener on a way to book Cody Rhodes return so we discuss that in detail and if that’d give Cody the push he’s been lacking the last few years.

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Meanwhile, here’s a clip of another interview we did last May with Jim Ross. JR talks about his one man show, podcasting, the Streak ending, Brock Lesnar, TNA and more. Check it out!

Jim Ross Shoot Interview - Inside The Ropes May 2014

Next week should be a fun show. We’ve decided to torture each other and review TNA Slammiversary and I also scored an exclusive chat with Former WWE Ref of 22 years, Jack Doan in his first post WWE interview so be on the look out for the links to that in next week’s column. Thanks for reading.

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