Global Force Wrestling Live Event Review in Poughkeepsie, New York 01/22/16

The Mid-Hudson Civic Center is a historic place for professional wrestling. It has had wrestling at the building since its opening in 1984 with the WWF. The MHCC holds the record as the building that has hosted the most episodes of WWE Monday Night Raw, and the city of Poughkeepsie has held the second most episodes of WWE Monday Night Raw behind New York City (Manhattan Center & MSG). The MHCC has had many episodes of WWF Superstars held here with Piper’s Pit taking place. The MHCC was home to many ECW TV tapings and PPVs. It also held a TNA One Night Only PPV taping in 2014. Tommy Dreamer’s House of Hardcore’s training center is housed in the MHCC.

As I walked into the Civic Center for the VIP Meet & Greet, I noticed one thing right away. The bleacher seating was pulled back and wasn’t available. I know when I purchased my tickets the seats were available, but due to the lack of ticket sales they moved all the bleacher seating fans to ringside. So instead of 5-7 rows of floor seating there was about 10 rows. The VIP meet & greet was held in the arena where the bleachers are usually stretched out. For every wrestling show I have attended at the MHCC since 2003, it has always been a sell out each and every time. WWE has even sold out the arena twice in the same day before for live events. It’s about a 3,000 seat arena. There was about 800 floor seats, with there being about 650 people in the floor seats. It was quite shocking.

One thing I noticed was firstly how late Global Force Wrestling announced the tickets were on sale. They announced the GFW event for Poughkeepsie in the first week of December. There was very little advertising for the event. The MHCC’s Facebook page to me was the heaviest form of advertising for the event. They also hea posters set up at the Poughkeepsie Galleria and had Christina Von Eerie the Saturday before the event. But there was not any advertising on television or in papers. Small Independent promotions like House Of Hardcore and Northeast Wrestling have always bought advertising on Time Warner Cable & Cablevision in NY, which had helped them sell out each and every time. There wasn’t even advertising in local papers to my knowledge: The Daily Freeman, Poughkeepsie Journal, or the Times-Herald Record. GFW truly dropped the ball on advertising which led to very poor ticket sales.

In the VIP Meet & Greet, you were able to get free photographs with all the stars due to paying $25 extra for VIP. However, you weren’t able to get autographs for free unless you paid $20 for a program. The ring announcer did the Don West style plugging that they only had a few programs left (yeah right) and that the programs were collector’s items. I was able to meet Christina Von Eerie, Sonjay Dutt, Brian Myers (Curt Hawkins), Colt Cabana, Cliff Compton, Kimber Lee, Nick Aldis (Magnus), Mickie James, & Jigsaw. Andrew Everett came late to the VIP Meet & Greet. All were nice. Colt & Mickie were happy to take the selfies for me, as I’m not that good in that department.

The podcast show “Not Another Wrestling Podcast” had a Q&A session in the ring which was filmed. The entire event was filmed as well with two cameraman. In the Q&A Christina Von Eerie was first taking questions. I asked her how it felt to win the Lucha Triple A Mixed Tag Team Champions so quickly after coming to AAA in the past. Christina said it may have felt short, but she was in Mexico City for quite a while training and working events for AAA. Christina mentioned she is in a band called “G.O.T.H” and that she would be back in Poughkeepsie on March 5th performing at the Loft. Next up in the Q&A was Sonjay Dutt. I asked Dutt what the differences are wrestling all over the world. Sonjay said no matter if it was in the USA, Singapore, or India each are different in their own way. The last person available in the Q&A was Nick Aldis. I asked Nick what were the differences today coming up on the British Wrestling scene and now being a veteran helping American talents come up on Independent shows. Nick said events like GFW are very special to see the talent coming up. Nick said he believes the Independent scene currently in the UK is the strongest it has ever been. Nick said there is so many talented up and coming wrestlers in the UK. Nick mentioned in another fan’s question his recent forearm injury that he suffered working for Lucha Triple A (under the Que Viva El Rey name) in November was the worst injury he has ever suffered in his career. He showed that he had a scar from that injury.

The ring announcer for the evening held a raffle for a guitar which would allow them to go backstage and meet Jeff Jarrett.

The event began with the ring announcer in the ring announcing that Karen Jarrett was unable to fly out of Nashville due to the snowstorm and that Bobby Roode was unable to make it to the show as well due to the snowstorm. The fans jeered loudly. Pro Wrestling Syndicate owner Pat Buck came down to the ring along with Amazing Red & Kevin Mathews. Pat put down TNA Wrestling & the people of Poughkeepsie. Pat said he was the owner of PWS from the greatest state New Jersey. Pat said he was holding the show hostage. Nick Aldis the GFW World Champion came down to the ring. Nick said he respects Amazing Red for his talent in the ring, but he didn’t respect the other two. Nick called Kevin Mathews “Sugar Tits”, which caused a “Sugar Tits” chant towards Kevin. The PWS stars attacked Nick causing Brian Myers & Andrew Everett to run down to chase the PWS stars out of the ring. Nick proposed later tonight that he, Myers, & Everett take on Amazing Red, Ginger pubes, & Sugar Tits. Kevin left screaming “I’m not Sugar Tits”.

Cliff Compton vs Cody Deaner vs Henry Maxwell

Maxwell’s gear is a tuxedo one piece bodysuit. This match was a comedy heavy match, which the fans enjoyed a lot with much laughter. Deaner came down to the ring carrying four championship titles. Maxwell asked the other two to compete while he went & sat on the ramp. Maxwell didn’t know how to climb the ropes and instead kept jumping to the left and right. Cody explained to him he had to put his feet on the ropes to climb. Maxwell got onto the bottom rope with his butt posture sticking out. Maxwell told Cody to be careful as it’s his first time, which got laughs. Maxwell told Cliff that they should form a team and work together against Cody. Cliff told Maxwell to follow his lead and to do everything he tells him. Cody ended up sling-shotting Maxwell into Cliff’s groin. Maxwell fell onto the bottom rope with his legs draped over the second rope, as he asked the referee to help him to his feet. Cliff asked Maxwell what he was doing as he was supposed to be following his lead. Cliff wanted to superplex Cody off the top rope with Maxwell’s help, but Maxwell was afraid to go higher than the bottom rope & stretched to try to reach Cody. That allowed Cody to hit a crossbody off the top rope. Cody did a dive to the outside where Cliff didn’t really catch him and Cody’s face crashed into the guardrail. It looked very rough. Cody got back into the ring to hit a DDT to win the match. Maxwell was stuck with his head in his groin – the pinfall position long after Cody and Cliff left. Maxwell ended up getting the referee to free him. When he was free Maxwell kicked out and said it was only two.

Heavenly Bodies vs Reynolds Brothers

Both teams are from Pro Wrestling Syndicate, but the Reynolds Brothers have performed in Poughkeepsie before for Tommy Dreamer’s House Of Hardcore. It was an okay match. The Bodies were in control of much of the match. Alex had his butt exposed by one of the Heavenly Bodies, and Alex hit a dive to the floor on one of the Bodies. The Bodies were without their PWS manager Edward Jackson. There were some near falls in the match, and the match was longer than I thought it would have been. The Heavenly Bodies ended up winning the match by pulling on Alex Reynolds tights.

GFW Womens’s Championship Match: Christina Von Eerie© vs Mickie James vs Kimber Lee

With having three talented Woman wrestling I thought this match would have been really good, but the match was the shortest match of the show and was very disappointing due to the short match. Mickie & Kimber shook hands at the start of the match. When Kimber attempted to shake Christina’s hand she slapped her hand away. Kimber had Mickie in a nice looking submission hold against the ropes, but Christina hit a kick that broke it up. In the end, Christina hit a Double Knee Backbreaker which she called Dead Raising off the ropes on Kimber. Christina then kicked Mickie away, which allowed her to pin Kimber to retain her championship. It wasn’t a bad match. I just wish they got more time.

Jeff Jarrett vs Colt Cabana with Guest Referee Deuce from local radio station WRRV

The storyline going into the match was that Deuce had Colt Cabana on the radio show which angered Jarrett. Jarrett was vowing to hit Deuce with a guitar on the show, which they played up on social media. Jarrett came out wearing Bullet Club shorts and a Bullet Club jacket, from his match at NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 9 in 2015. Jarrett faced off with Deuce before the match, with each shoving each other back and forth. This was another good comedy match. Cabana ended up picking up the guitar Jarrett came down to the ring with. Cabana taunted Jarrett with the guitar, playing it, dancing with it and singing “With my Baby Tonight”. Cabana then teased breaking the guitar as the fans chanted “Yes Yes Yes” and Jarrett yelled “No No No”. Jarrett strutted around the ring twice, which led to Cabana holding onto Jarrett later in the ring and doing a strut with him. Colt spanked Jarrett on the butt. Jarrett posed, laying on the ropes like Austin Aries or Tyler Breeze. Cabana gave Jarrett three Atomic drops in a row. Cabana teased kicking Jarrett in the groin, but Jarrett grabbed Cabana’s legs. Cabana yelled “Superman” and flew over Jarrett attempting to pin him but only for two. Jarrett hid behind Deuce at one point. Jarrett went to strike Colt with the guitar but Deuce took it away, which allowed Colt to win the match. Colt left while playing the guitar with Deuce as Jarrett sat in the ring taking in his loss.

There then was about a 20-25 minute intermission, where the ring announcer raffled off multiple t-shirts and autographed pictures of Jeff & Karen Jarrett. They also announced anyone could buy a guitar for $150 which allowed them to go backstage and meet Jeff Jarrett.

GFW NEX*GEN Championship Match: Sonjay Dutt© vs Jigsaw

It was a good match between the two. A small kid who was a big Dutt fan stood next to the railing throughout the match. Even the one Atlas Security guard asked him to sit down but he just stood there yelling “Sonjay” and waving at him. Dutt dropkicked Jigsaw out of the ring, but Jigsaw had to hold back on crashing into the guardrail too hard without crashing into the small kid. Dutt told everyone to move, the little kid went back to his seat, and I left and went way to the right. Dutt instead tossed Jigsaw back into the ring and called us all morons for moving. Hey I was afraid, haha. Dutt hit a standing shooting star press for two. Dutt attempted to pull off Jigsaw’s mask at one point. Jigsaw hit a dive to the outside taking down Dutt. Dutt ended up winning the match with the Hindu Press. Dutt & Jigsaw shook hands and hugged after the match. The small kid came back to the guardrail yelling “Sonjay”, as Jigsaw left he went over to the kid and kissed him on the forehead.

Nick Aldis, Brian Myers, & Andrew Everett vs Amazing Red, Kevin Mathews, & Pat Buck

This was a decent match. Buck and Mathews taunted little children before the match as the children asked them to slap their hand, but Buck and Mathews faked them out. Myers snuck around the ring & took Kyle’s jacket and wore it. Unfortunately for Myers, he tried to get Kyle’s attention but failed as Nick & Kyle were fighting in the ring. Finally Kyle noticed when Myers got into the ring, this angered Kyle. Kyle danced around but ending up hurting his groin as Everett got his knee up when Kyle went to drop down on him. Myers channeled his former Edgehead persona and readied for a spear and went to spear Red but was kicked down. Nick threw Buck into the guardrail. In the end, Aldis picked up the victory for his team.

After the match, Jeff Jarrett came down to the ring to meet with Nick Aldis, Brian Myers & Andrew Everett. Myers and Everett left and the ring announcer announced fans could enter the ring for $20 to get a photo op with Jarrett & Aldis.

My Final Take

Overall, it was a good show which felt short as it started at 7:30pm, and ended at 9:45pm. I would sincerely hope GFW returns to Poughkeepsie someday soon, but they must do a better job advertising and getting the word out for the show. If HOH & Northeast Wrestling without a TV deal can sell out the MHCC multiple times, GFW should be able to as well.

I’m shocked Pro Wrestling Syndicate never ran a show up in Poughkeepsie before as last year PWS on WLNY (a local NYC TV station) aired in the Poughkeepsie/Kingston area as it’s all in the NYC TV demo. The GFW vs PWS event schedule for New Jersey on Saturday was cancelled due to New Jersey declaring a State of Emergency due to the snowstorm. The NJ event will be rescheduled for next week.

I look forward to wherever GFW Amped (GFW’s television show) ends up airing. I look forward to seeing GFW grow over time, but with their poor ticket sales for this event it showed GFW has a lot of growing to do. They need to look into their box of tools and figure out not to have a failure like this again when it comes to ticket sales. Otherwise it was a fun enjoyable show. It was good to have wrestling back in Poughkeepsie again, let’s hope it’s not another one year wait for action in the squared circle to be embraced by the historic walls of the Mid-Hudson Civic Center.

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