WWE Money In The Bank 2024: 8 Thoughts

Money in the Bank was another fantastic premium live event by WWE in 2024. The company’s hot streak continued with great performances, huge storyline advancement and an earth-shattering announcement.

This feature looks back at all of the matches and other notable moments from an extremely memorable card that thrilled the Canadian crowd in Toronto.

#1: Drew McIntyre Claims The Money In The Bank Briefcase

Drew McIntyre celebrates at WWE Money In The Bank

‘The Scottish Psychopath’ promised he would win the Money in the Bank briefcase and cash in the same night. He fulfilled his promise, although he would ultimately come up short in his quest to leave the premium live event as World Champion. More on that later.

Drew McIntyre overcame the challenge of Chad Gable, Jey Uso, LA Knight, Andrade and Carmelo Hayes. All six men received the opportunity to shine in a stunningly dangerous stunt show.

It was a fabulous match and the perfect choice for an opener to excite the already lively, Toronto crowd.

McIntyre hurled a ladder like a dart to knock Uso off the ladder and ascended it himself to unhook the briefcase and earn the World Title shot.

Great match with even better storytelling and an MVP performance from Gable, who demonstrated that he can hang with WWE’s best. He will surely advance up the card if his hinted at union with The Creeds comes to fruition.

#2: Sami Zayn Survives Bron Breakker’s Assault

Sami Zayn vs Bron Breakker Money in the Bank

Most observers felt rising star, Bron Breakker would lift the Intercontinental Championship, from Sami Zayn in their clash at Money in the Bank.

However, despite dominating Zayn in the early going, the champion survived the brutal assaults and big moves such as the Frankensteiner, to pin Breakker to retain his title.

Zayn’s fourth reign as IC Champ is by far his most consequential, after ending the 666-day record reign of Gunther at WrestleMania and successfully turning back the challenges of Chad Gable and Breakker in significant feuds.

This reign could well lead Zayn to the World Title. For Breakker, the youngster will not be harmed by this loss and is still set for big things. The post-Money in the Bank Raw confirmed that.

This was a terrific back-and-forth match with the right result.

#3: John Cena Makes An Announcement

John Cena WWE Promo Red

The Money in the Bank host, WWE Hall of Famer, Trish Stratus introduced John Cena who made a surprise appearance, for the second Money in the Bank event in a row.

Cena announced to the shock of many that “the last time is now.” The former 16-time World Champion advised that 2025 will mark his final year as a WWE wrestler and his retirement tour would kick off at the 2025 Royal Rumble.

On the post-show, Cena confirmed he planned to wrestle throughout the year and not retire at WrestleMania as he appeared to intimate in his promo.

One would suspect, Cena’s return will see him attempt to break the record, he shares with Ric Flair for most World Title reigns (at least by WWE’s count).

It will be an interesting ride for sure, to see Cena as a regular character on WWE television for the first time since 2018.

#4: Damien Priest Turns Back The Challenge Of Seth Rollins

Damien Priest Money in the Bank

Damien Priest cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase at WrestleMania and defeated Seth Rollins’s conqueror, Drew McIntyre in a matter of seconds (with a little help from CM Punk).

Rollins returned from a lengthy absence to challenge Priest. The stakes were high when it was stipulated that should Priest lose, he must leave The Judgment Day. However, should Rollins lose he could never challenge for the belt again, as long as Priest is champion.

The match was fought at a strong pace and was heated thanks to the high stakes. However, it will be remembered for the unfortunate botch when Priest failed to kick out following a Falcon Arrow.

However, that shouldn’t deflect from a great match that led to the killer angle and finish following that botch…

#5: Drew McIntyre & CM Punk Can’t Quit Each Other

McIntyre and Punk Money in the Bank

The long-running feud between Drew McIntyre and CM Punk continues to escalate and they have still yet to face off inside the ring!

After ‘The Straight Edge Superstar’ screwed the Glaswegian out of the World Title in his home country of Scotland at Clash at the Castle, McIntyre delivered a hellacious beating on Punk on the June 21, SmackDown! Two weeks later, Punk would reap his revenge.

After McIntyre cashed in his newly won Money in the Bank contract to insert himself into the Damien Priest and Seth Rollins World Title match, the Chicago native made his move.

Punk battered McIntyre with a chair and finally the title belt which left him easy prey for Priest to pin him and put an end to his World Title aspirations.

One suspects that the enmity between McIntyre and Punk is set to explode in one of the headline matches at SummerSlam.

This is unquestionably one of the feuds of the year and there is something extremely entertaining about the pair constantly sneak-attacking and screwing the other. One hopes, that the 45-year-old Punk can remain healthy enough to give this terrific feud a fitting conclusion.

#6: It’s Tiffy Time!

An electric Money in the Bank contest was won by former NXT Women’s Champion Tiffany Stratton.

Despite Stratton’s efforts, Chelsea Green was without a doubt the star of the show. Her antics as she tried to overcome her fear of heights such as attempting to jump from the ring to grasp the briefcase were priceless.

All the participants played their part in a crisp contest which ended with the bump of the night. With the briefcase in sight, it seemed as if Green would be the unlikely winner. However, Stratton would shover her off the top of the ladder and she went crashing through tables which the pair had earlier set up outside the ring.

Stratton is now set to challenge for a Women’s World Title whenever she chooses. Few would bet against her proving successful in that quest.

#7: Trishy vs Tiffy?

Trish Stratus and Tiffany Stratton

A notable backstage segment saw the winner of the women’s Money in the Bank briefcase confront WWE Hall of Famer, Trish Stratus.

During an interview in her role as host, Stratus was disrespected by Stratton as the blonde bombshells exchanged words.

Stratton suggested during the post-show that she would like to clash with Stratus in the future. Following her superb run last year, Stratus had also stated she would be open to further matches if there was reason for them to take place. Trishy vs Tiffy may well be one of those contests.

A Stratton victory over Stratus would enhance her burgeoning reputation and be the perfect springboard to main event stardom. WWE rarely teases matches they can’t deliver. Watch this space!

#8: All Roads Lead To Cody Rhodes vs Solo Sikoa

Solo Sikoa Money in the Bank

Cody Rhodes has been a constant thorn in the Bloodline’s side for years and vice versa. If anyone believed WrestleMania XL would prove to be the final chapter, then they are sorely mistaken.

There is a new ‘Tribal Chief’ in town and his name is not Roman Reigns. Solo Sikoa has claimed the hallowed mantle and has a new breed of family members and associates alongside him.

They all backed him up in the six-man tag team main event as he, Tama Tonga and Jacob Fatu, flanked by Tanga Loa rumbled with Rhodes, Randy Orton and Kevin Owens in an entertaining fight.

The finish came when Sikoa was taken out by all three members of the babyface team. However, Loa low-blowed Owens (sort of) and Rhodes had to take over. Rhodes was in full control after nailing Sikoa with two Cross Rhodes. Moreover, Fatu interjected and blasted the WWE Champion with a DDT which enabled Sikoa to hit Rhodes with a Samoan Spike to earn the win and deal Rhodes his first pinfall loss since WrestleMania.

This result should set up a WWE Title match between Rhodes and Sikoa at SummerSlam. Will that match see the return of Roman Reigns, seeking to reclaim his mantle as ‘Head of the Table?’

Time will tell. What is certain, however, is that Rhodes and Sikoa are set to clash at the ‘biggest event of the summer.’ Who will walk out of SummerSlam as WWE Champion?

Overall, Money in the Bank 2024 was another sterling PLE offering from WWE. Multiple storylines were advanced and others began. It successfully established SummerSlam as event television. There is no reason to think WWE won’t continue their electric streak on August 3rd.

You can watch Money in the Bank 2024 and all WWE PLEs exclusively on the WWE Network.