TJRWrestling WWE Money In The Bank 2023 Preview

wwe money in the bank 2023 preview tjrwrestling

It’s time for WWE Money in the Bank with two big ladder matches, The Bloodline family drama tag team match, title matches and more.

John: Money in the Bank is one of my favorite PLE/PPV shows on the WWE calendar because of the 18-year history of the coveted briefcase that has led to a lot of superstars becoming major champions. It’s a way to elevate talent, especially if it is booked the right way.

It’s a 3 p.m. ET start for me since the show is in London, England so afternoon writing instead of evening writing is fine with me. Saturday is also Canada Day for me, which is a big holiday, but I’m fine with writing and I can head out for some festivities after the show.

The lineup is pretty solid in terms of the storylines going into the show. There are some matches that are very predictable as far as results go, but I think overall it’s a strong lineup without any weak matches. I’m excited about both Money in the Bank Ladder Matches and also The Bloodline tag team match. Some great wrestlers are not in matches on the show, but the reality is you can’t include everybody in WWE. Some people are going to miss out. That’s just how it is.

Joining me for the preview are TJRWrestling writers Joel McIntyre, Matthew Fowler, Marcus Madison, Kelly Dishnow, and Kristian Thompson. No Alex P this time because he was away on a trip this week.

Marc: On Saturday, July 1st, from the O2 arena in London, England, the WWE presents the 2023 Money in the Bank pay-per-view. One of my best friends lives in the UK and will finally have an opportunity to watch the pay-per-view, but not at some ungodly hour as he’s usually accustomed to. I will, too, but at another point of the day and likely on replay. Life and all tend to happen in the middle of the day for us in Eastern time zones! What do we see happening? Find out below.


John: Before we begin, we learned today that Darren Drozdov aka former WWE Superstar Droz passed away today. He was 54 years old.

Droz was in a wheelchair since 1999 when D-Lo Brown hit him with a running Powerbomb at a Smackdown taping and Droz couldn’t get up. He was paralyzed. Droz maintained a positive attitude during his life and was really well-liked. There’s a statement on WWE’s website from Droz’s family thanking WWE and fans for the support. Best wishes to the family. May you rest in peace, Droz.


Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match: Bayley vs. Zelina Vega vs. Becky Lynch vs. Zoey Stark vs. IYO SKY vs. Trish Stratus

Joel: There are a couple of solid options. Money in the Bank is pretty much the last thing Becky Lynch needs to accomplish but she doesn’t need the briefcase to challenge for a Title. Bayley is just there as a veteran presence to help with the match. Zoey is solid but I don’t think they’re ready to go all the way with her yet. It’s wild that this is Trish’s first ever ladder match but I think she’s just there to cancel out Becky. I think it comes down to Zelina and IYO Sky but I think Iyo wins it which leads to the split in Damage CTRL.

Winner: Iyo Sky

Matthew: This one is tough to predict, as I can make a case for any of these women winning the briefcase. Whomever does win I hope actually holds on to it for a little bit, and doesn’t burn the cash-in in the first few weeks of having the briefcase. I will go with IYO SKY to win this match, due to her turning some heads with her match with Bianca Belair a few months back.

Winner: IYO SKY

Marc: What makes this match so unique is that you can still lose and not be hurt by losing the match. You could be hurt depending on the falls you would take in the match, but not necessarily by losing the match. There are so many stories still to be told here. A lot could happen with the tension between Bayley and IYO SKY or the ongoing feud between Trish and Becky with Zoey by her side. The consonant underdog presentation of Zelina Vega also lends herself to being someone that’s a sentimental favorite. But with the teasing of a feud between Rhea Ripley and Becky Lynch on the horizon having The Man walk away the winner likely sets up that match opportunity.

Winner: Becky Lynch

Kelly: We have two storylines going into this, the Bayley/IYO SKY tension and the Becky Lynch/Trish Stratus/Zoey Stark feud. I doubt Zelina Vega will play spoiler here but will have a good showing. The Trish/Zoey/Becky piece will be the springboard for their next match, likely at SummerSlam. That leaves us with Damage CTRL. I believe that this will be used to drive the final wedge in Damage CTRL and they split up. Honestly, it would be for the best as they really haven’t done anything really notable as a group.

Winner: IYO SKY

Kristian: I think this is a pretty weak field. You can automatically rule out half the competitors, which makes it already feel underwhelming. I have picked Bayley in a lot of matches in 2022/23, to often be let down with her on the end of a loss. I think I will stick with her, purely for the fact that I believe we will see Trish/Becky again at SummerSlam. Bayley with the briefcase would be entertaining too, but Trish and her over-the-top heel persona carrying around the case with a chance of one last shot would’ve been my preferred choice.

Winner: Bayley

John: It’s an interesting group of talent here with three women that are multi-time Women’s Champions like Bayley, Becky Lynch and Trish Stratus while the likes of Iyo Sky, Zelina Vega and Zoey Stark are trying to become elevated by winning the coveted briefcase. In terms of storylines, we know that Becky has had issues with Trish/Zoey, so I think those two heels will do everything they can to keep Lynch from winning. I’m so happy for Trish doing well in WWE and staying around as a regular at least for now. Love to see it. I really don’t think Vega has a chance to win, but she is a good athlete that could pull off some cool moves with the ladder, so I get why she’s in there.

There’s also the story of Sky perhaps feeling overlooked by Bayley at times, so I think this is a good spot to elevate Sky by having her win. The Damage CTRL group lasted for nearly a year although with Dakota Kai out the rest of this year after major knee surgery, it’s probably time to move on from it. I can see Sky winning and becoming more of a babyface with the MITB briefcase on her. It should be a very good match because of the talented group of women involved. I’ll go with Sky for the win.

Winner: IYO SKY


Intercontinental Championship: GUNTHER (c) vs. Matt Riddle

Joel: I’ve enjoyed the more serious Riddle we have gotten lately. However, GUNTHER is so close to Honkey Tonk Man’s record, I can’t see him losing now.


Matthew: GUNTHER is a future world champion, and also my favorite wrestler right now. Gunther is also getting close to being the longest-reigning Intercontinental Champion of all times, and I think he is going to get that record. Riddle on the other hand has been kind of in limbo since Randy Orton has been out, and I don’t see that changing here. I predict GUNTHER getting the win after a good match.


Marc: With the issues between Owens, Zayn and Riddle, and Imperium, it was a given that this match would happen at one point. GUNTHER is in the midst of a history-making title run in the WWE. If things remain status quo for GUNTHER, he will be the longest-reigning Intercontinental Champion of all-time this fall. But we could see the former ally present themselves in this match and cost Matt Riddle the championship. With Vinci and Kaiser likely taken out of the equation, could a returning Randy Orton present himself in this match and cost Matt Riddle? Either way, GUNTHER has quite the presence as the champion, and we don’t see that changing after Saturday, either.

Winner: AND STILL Intercontinental Champion, GUNTHER

Kelly: This has been a nice little feud the past couple of weeks. There are only two problems with it. First, we have not passed the title record set by the Honky Tonk Man. Second, Riddle appears to still be serving penance for his wellness suspension and rehab trip. It’ll be competitive but the outcome is not in doubt here.


Kristian: There’s not much science to this match. GUNTHER will win after Riddle goes close a few times. GUNTHER will hopefully hold the title long enough to break the I/C record.

Winner AND STILL Intercontinental Champion: GUNTHER

John: We know that if Gunther holds the title into September then he’ll break the Honky Tonk Man’s record for the longest Intercontinental Title reign. I think Gunther is definitely going to break that record and after that, I might consider predicting a title loss for him. For now, I think Matt Riddle is a guy that will have a competitive, entertaining match and maybe get some good nearfalls, but this should be a win for Gunther. I’m interested to hear if the London crowd cheers for Gunther, who is from Austria and wrestled all over Europe for a long time, so maybe the fans will root for him. It could happen.



Women’s Tag Team Championships: Ronda Rousey & Shayna Baszler (c) vs. Raquel Rodriguez & Liv Morgan

Joel: It’s good seeing the Women’s Tag Titles get a spot on a PLE. Say what you want about Ronda but she’s proven to care about the women’s division. I think her and Shayna are a good team as are Raquel and Liv. The crowd loves Liv Morgan but I think it is way too early for Ronda and Shayna to lose those titles.

Winners: Ronda Rousey & Shayna Baszler

Matthew: This is the easiest match on the card to predict. Rousey and Baszler just won the new unified women’s tag titles last week, and I do not see them losing them here. I expect Rousey and Baszler to defeat the former champions here in pretty quick fashion.

Winners: Ronda Rousey and Shayna Baszler

Marc: ‘I’m here to challenge you for the titles that WE never lost.’ With those words, Raquel Rodriguez shocked the current undisputed Women’s tag team champions with the return of her former co-holder of the tag team championship, Liv Morgan. Morgan’s distance certainly presents her once again in the role of defeating Ronda Rousey to become a champion. But Ronda and Shayna as dominant tag team champions is EXACTLY what this division needs. There may be criticism around them for being champions or being in a position to be at the top of the division, but they need to be the ones that knock off threat by threat. It will continue on this night too; it’s just a matter of how it will happen.

Winners: AND STILL WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Ronda Rousey and Shayna Baszler

Kelly: Morgan and Rodriguez were never going to be long term champs and were just holding the belts until Rousey healed up. Unfortunately, Morgan got hurt before the title match could happen so here we are. Morgan and Rodriguez are just here to do what they were supposed to do to drop the titles to Rousey and Baszler.

Winners:Ronda Rousey and Shayna Baszler

Kristian: I liked that they went back to this story after Morgan returned from injury. That doesn’t mean I’m interested or excited by the match. Rousey & Baszler just won the unified titles (why was that even necessary?!) so there’s no reason that they should lose here. They’ll probably hold them until Rousey decides what she wants next.

Winners AND STILL Women’s Tag Team Champions: Ronda Rousey & Shayna Baszler

John: It is nice to see the Women’s Tag Team Titles on a card like this just because we haven’t seen them pushed that much this year. I think Ronda Rousey has been very vocal about the lack of teams in the division and the lack of TV time for the titles, so with Ronda now holding the titles with Shayna Baszler, the Women’s Tag Team Titles might be featured more. The team of smiling Raquel & Liv are likable for sure. I just think the champions are going to retain and have a lengthy title reign.

Winners: Ronda Rousey & Shayna Baszler


Cody Rhodes vs. Dominik Mysterio

Joel: It’s weird because Dom has gotten the upper hand literally every week so logic would dictate that Cody Rhodes wins here. However, the possibility of Brock returning at Money in the Bank has me worried. I’m gonna go with Cody here and Brock shows up after.

Winner: Cody Rhodes

Matthew: Cody Rhodes just lost to Brock Lesnar last month and needs a win to keep his momentum on his title quest. As for Mysterio, he has been killing it as the “chicken shit” heel. Can a upset actually occur in this match, and Mysterio actually beat Rhodes here? Personally, I can’t see it, as I expect Rhodes to win and then continue his world championship quest.

Winner: Cody Rhodes

Marc: Usually, booking second-generation athletes doesn’t present itself as amusing as it does here. We have seen Dominik Mysterio take being chickensh**t heel to another level. He often hides behind Women’s World Champion, Rhea Ripley. But that will all stop come Money in the Bank. Fans have seen Mysterio slap and run, knowing that come to this match, that will all stop eventually. There may be instances early in the match where Mysterio continues to slap Rhodes and run, but when it stops, fans will rejoice. When Rhodes finally gets his hands on Mysterio, it feels as though it will be relentless. A win here only helps Rhodes to finish the story…

Winner: Cody Rhodes

Kelly: The feud has had a decent build, but it is a little hard to get excited for. It is a simple story of the cocky young heel going after the older and wiser veteran babyface. It’s an easy story to tell. I do expect a Brock Lesnar appearance to set up their SummerSlam showdown. That appearance should cost Rhodes the match.

Winner:Dominik Mysterio

Kristian: This match has received a lot of build and actually feels like a PPV-worthy contest, when it probably just belongs on Raw like Priest v Rhodes from this week just gone by. Hopefully they have a lengthy match and Mysterio can keep his momentum in singles match from WrestleMania when he had a great contest against his Dad. I feel that Brock Lesnar will return to screw Cody and set up the third and final encounter for SummerSlam. I look forward to the heat that Dom gets when he celebrates the win.

Winner: Dominik Mysterio

John: This should be a Cody Rhodes win because he’s won every match he has had except losing to Roman Reigns at WrestleMania due to interference and losing to Brock Lesnar at Night of Champions due to a “broken” arm. Dominik Mysterio gets a lot of heat and will benefit from Rhea Ripley cheap shots, so that should make it a fun match. Cody should win, though.

I didn’t think WWE was going to fly Brock Lesnar all the way to London, England to distract Cody to cost him this match, but there is a report that Lesnar is likely going to be there. I’d save Lesnar’s attack for after the match and have a wild brawl ensue, which leads to their stipulation match at SummerSlam. A bullrope match would be cool for SummerSlam, but no matter what they do I think it will be good. Cody should absolutely win this match. I feel pretty strongly about that.

Winner: Cody Rhodes


Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match: LA Knight vs. Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Ricochet vs. Butch vs. Santos Escobar vs. Damian Priest vs. Logan Paul

Joel: We can probably cancel out Ricochet and Shinsuke. They’re just there to do crazy shit and get a pop. Logan Paul is a tempting proposition, but I think he’s just there to add some publicity to the match and kickstart whatever program he’s involved in at SummerSlam. To me, it comes down to Butch, LA Knight, and Damien Priest. Priest has really been impressing people these last few months since the Bad Bunny match. I also feel like a babyface turn is in his future. They could make the European fans happy by having Butch win the briefcase and I would be totally fine with that. I think LA Knight wins it. He’s got more momentum than anybody. Hopefully, WWE listens.

Winner: LA Knight

Matthew: Another Money in the Bank match that has no obvious winner. LA Knight is the people’s choice, as wrestling fans have gotten behind him despite being a heel. Logan Paul is the wild card here as well, as he is a legit star who would get a lot of publicity if he won. I am actually going to go with a surprise pick however, and predict Damian Priest will win here to set up something later in the night.

Winner: Damian Priest

Marc: Money in the Bank has traditionally been one of the events and matches that I’ve enjoyed. The sheer risk involved in this match is enough to make me watch. I’m sure you’ve heard that saying about seeing a trainwreck happening and can’t help but keep watching. That’s what this match tends to be. There is a nice mix of talent involved. If we were to look at those interested, there are former champions, aspiring champions, and a pop culture success story. But of all those involved, the one talent that has been building a following has been someone we wouldn’t have anticipated six months ago. LA Knight is a heel generating buzz from those in the crowd. His promos are convincing, and his work in the ring is effective. It’s hard not to think of Knight and think he isn’t ‘money,’ and he proves it this evening.

Winner: LA Knight

Kelly: I’m surprised Bronson Reed is not in this, given his current feud with Ricochet and Nakamura. That’s the only real storyline going on in this match. Everyone, except Paul, had to win a qualifying match. Before Paul’s declaration, there were only two likely winners, Priest and Knight. Paul could win it but not likely. Both Knight and Priest are ready to make the next step to main event status. The “any champion” provision solves Knight’s lack of a world champion on Smackdown problem. I think several stars will be made in this and whoever cashes the contract in for a world championship match will be successful. The question is who?

Winner:LA Knight

Kristian: Unlike the women’s match, I love the field for this ladder match. No former World Champions – how great. It feels like a level playing field. This might be the hardest match on the card to predict and there could be a reason found for each competitor. The shock value of Paul winning would be great, but I don’t see him hanging around regularly enough to carry the case. Priest would be a very good choice, as he has had a stellar year in The Judgement Day stable. However, I think WWE might actually be listening to the audience and seeing their reactions to LA Knight. He has all the tools to become a World Champion (he has been in Impact, albeit with a much weaker roster) and would be very entertaining cutting promos with the case.

Winner: LA Knight

John: My pick for this match has been LA Knight since it was announced and that’s still my pick. However, my confidence in the pick went down after they added Logan Paul to the match.

Guys like Shinsuke Nakamura, Butch, Ricochet and Santos Escobar are all talented veteran wrestlers that will do well in the match. Ricochet is probably going to have some incredible high spots and probably do some top of the ladder collision spot with Logan Paul similar to what they did in the Royal Rumble match. Butch will have a lot of crowd support since he’s from England. Nakamura is very well-liked and respected too.

Damian Priest has an outside shot to win just because he’s been on the right trajectory post-WrestleMania after an impressive performance against Bad Bunny at Backlash. Priest has also had a number of very good matches on Raw as well. There’s certainly a chance that he might win.

LA Knight will probably get the strongest reaction out of anybody in this match. There will be boos because he’s a heel, but I can see a lot of fans cheering him and lots of “YEAH” chants as well. Knight hasn’t been on the main roster for a year at this point. He has a lot of momentum and I think he deserves a bigger push, so having him win Money in the Bank would be a good idea.

The addition of Logan Paul makes me unsure of the LA Knight pick a bit. I think WWE loves Logan and want to see a “celebrity” like him with the Money in the Bank briefcase to try to bring more attention to the company. I’m not a huge fan of him winning it, but I wouldn’t hate it. I just think LA Knight holding the briefcase, so I’ll go with LA Knight. I’d say I’m about 70% sure, then about 25% for Paul and 5% of me thinks it might be Priest. I hope it’s a great match.

Winner: LA Knight


World Heavyweight Championship: Seth “Freakin” Rollins (c) vs. Finn Balor

Joel: This will be a great match. It’s Seth’s first defense on a PLE so I can’t see him losing but Finn will make a great first opponent.

Winner: Seth Rollins

Matthew: I was not a huge fan of the WWE just creating a new title, as it still feels like a secondary title belt. Nevertheless, these two always have great matches together and this one should be no different. Rollins just captured the title a little over a month ago, so can he possibly lose it here? I am actually going to predict that he does. I am going to go with The Judgment Day helping Balor here, to have the World Championship and Money in the Bank briefcase in the same faction.

Winner and New World Heavyweight Champion: Finn Balor

Marc: I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I liked Vince McMahon’s idea of not having Rollins compete on Raw two weeks ago. For everything that Rollins says, he needed someone that was going to be a legitimate threat to him in mind, body, and soul. This was where Finn Balor came in. Balor still remembers having to surrender his WWE Universal Title after winning it. And Balor quickly reminds Rollins of the shoulder injury he suffered when they were in the finals for the WWE Universal Championship. We finally see Finn with an edge. That edge has shown that he is capable of being on the attack. But despite his best efforts, Rollins will likely retain in this match.

Winner: AND STILL World Heavyweight Champion Seth “Freakin” Rollins

Kelly: This match could literally go either way. The WWE could go the bold route and have Balor win his redemption from seven years ago. The men’s Money in the Bank winner could influence the outcome as well. If Priest wins MITB, I would expect Balor to win the title and maybe cause some tension within Judgment Day. If Knight wins, Rollins should retain and have a great match with Knight, likely at SummerSlam.

Winner: Seth “Freakin” Rollins

Kristian: This will be a great match. This feud has received stacks of TV time lately and really delivered with the segments- either face to face or other promos. I’ve really enjoyed it. As much as I’d really like a Balor run as champ, Rollins is a really safe and reliable champion who always performs to a high standard. I’m looking forward to this and I’m sure the crowd in London will love it.

Winner AND STILL World Heavyweight Champion: Seth Rollins

John: It will be one of the best matches on the show. They have worked together a lot over the years, both on television and at live events. They wrestled on Raw over a month ago with Seth winning to qualify for the match to become the inaugural World Heavyweight Champion. There’s a better story going into this match because Balor has done a tremendous job of being a heel that’s bitter about his past with Rollins going back to 2016.

Their brawls and cheap attacks have made this feel more like a fight. Rollins is performing at a high level with outstanding matches recently against AJ Styles and Bron Breakker, so I think we’ll see Seth pull off another tremendous performance here. Rollins will probably sell the ribs a lot, Balor will target those ribs and it will make for an interesting story. I think the Irishman Balor might have some support in England too. I know Ireland is not UK, but it is close in proximity, so some drunk Irish fans could make some noise to support Balor in this match. I think Rollins will win in about 20 minutes.

Winner: Seth “Freakin” Rollins (or Seth “Franklin” Rollins if you know, you know)


Roman Reigns & Solo Sikoa vs. The Usos (Jimmy & Jey Uso)

Joel: This could literally go either way. I really can’t see Roman and Solo losing back to back tag matches on PLEs but the Usos need this win. If you’re going to do one of the Usos and Roman at SummerSlam, they have to win here. You can’t build up the Usos turning for three years just to have them lose back to back matches to Roman. They gotta win one. Either they win this tag match or Jey beats Roman at SummerSlam. I’m choosing to go with the tag match.

Winners: The Usos

Matthew: We finally get to the main event of the evening, and the next chapter in the best story in professional wrestling in the past ten years. When Jimmy chose his brother a few weeks ago on Smackdown by kicking Reigns, it was one of the most viewed segments of wrestling in years. There are several possibilities where the story could go from here, which is one of the reasons this story is so compelling. Roman Reigns has not been pinned since 2019, but I think that changes here. I think Jey Uso is going to pin Roman clean in the middle of the ring, setting up a huge match for SummerSlam next month.

Winners: The Usos

Marc: It’s being advertised as the bloodline civil war. With that promotion, how long before we see the elders get involved to try and resolve this issue? Afa, Sika, and Rikishi could all get involved hoping to talk sense into these four. It could be at that very moment we see an elder get hit by one of those involved in the match. Is it too soon to have Solo join his brothers and leave Roman Reigns to not deal with the consequences? There are rumors that suggested some major outcomes discussed, but it’s a matter of finding out what those would happen to be at just the right time. The one rumor about Jey double-crossing Jimmy results in one match outcome, while Solo joining his brothers after Roman blames him for a loss is another. I don’t see Roman taking the pin at any point here, so with him still not deviating from the character, I’d expect the twins to come out on top.

Winners: The Usos

Kelly: The Bloodline Civil War makes for a great tagline. This is going to have a big match feel to it. This would fit perfectly for SummerSlam, but we need a title defense from Reigns there instead. With this being the first Money in the Bank event overseas, it is still a big deal. The Usos turn on Smackdown two weeks ago was a thing of beauty. It played out perfectly. The question is where do we go from here? If The Usos win, would that finally convince Sikoa to join up with his older brothers? Can Reigns regain control of The Bloodline and reign supreme as the head of the table? I like there are multiple different ways this could go and you don’t really know which way it’ll go. I think I’ll go with The Usos to win as there are a couple of ways you could take that into SummerSlam.

Winners: The Usos

Kristian: After a little bit of a lull in momentum, the Bloodline storyline is back to full throttle and completely imploding. And I love it. It’s great TV and makes the Roman Reigns appearances feel even more important because you know something serious is going to go down. This one feels almost as difficult to predict as the Men’s Ladder match and it only has 2 teams in it! I think I am more looking forward to how it is booked, rather than the winners of the match. The most predictable thing would be to have Solo take the pin but…could Jey turn on Jimmy and start a singles feud? Could one of the Usos pin Roman and claim a title shot at SummerSlam? Has Solo had enough of being on the end of superkicks and finally side with his brothers? I look forward to all of these and probably many other questions being answered on the weekend. I hope this is the main event because I feel it has the most drama behind it. As for a prediction? I’ll play it safe.

Winners: The Usos

John: The best storyline in all of pro wrestling. It would be easy to write down The Usos as the winners and think that’s going to happen, but I feel like there might be a twist involved here. I mean, we know that Jey Uso joined his brother Jimmy against “The Tribal Chief” Roman Reigns, Solo Sikoa and Paul Heyman, but what if it’s all a ruse and Jimmy is actually still with Roman. Maybe Jimmy screws his brother Jey out of the win and Jimmy is back on Roman’s side. That way you can milk the story even more, have a Jey vs. Jimmy match at SummerSlam while Reigns can defend his titles (remember those titles?) against the likes of Bobby Lashley or AJ Styles before we get to Reigns against Jey for the WWE Title.

I don’t know if what I wrote above is going to happen. I like the idea of The Usos winning, but we just saw Roman and Solo lose at Night of Champions last month, so are they going to lose again? I have a hard time believing that. I understand the logic of having one of The Usos – especially Jey – pin Reigns to set up a WWE Title match at SummerSlam, but I think WWE likes keeping Roman Reigns strong and Solo Sikoa too. I just think it’s a hard match to pick.

I really want to pick Roman & Solo to win, but I have a hard time justifying it. Begrudgingly, I pick The Usos to win in what should be outstanding match with a vocal crowd that will be on fire for everything these guys do. I bet you Roman, The Usos and Solo are absolutely loving how hot this story is. They should be proud of it.

Winners: The Usos



The Match I’m Looking Forward To The Most

Joel: Bloodline Civil War – Roman Reigns & Solo Sikoa vs. The Usos.

Matthew: Roman Reigns & Solo Sikoa vs. The Usos.

Marc: Roman Reigns & Solo Sikoa vs. The Usos.

Kelly: Roman Reigns & Solo Sikoa vs. The Usos.

Kristian: Roman Reigns & Solo Sikoa vs. The Usos.

John: Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match just ahead of Roman Reigns & Solo Sikoa vs. The Usos.

The Match I Care About The Least

Joel: Ronda Rousey and Shayna Baszler vs. Liv Morgan and Raquel Rodriquez.

Matthew: Ronda Rousey and Shayna Baszler vs. Liv Morgan and Raquel Rodriquez.

Marc: Ronda Rousey and Shayna Baszler vs. Liv Morgan and Raquel Rodriquez.

Kelly: Ronda Rousey and Shayna Baszler vs. Liv Morgan and Raquel Rodriquez.

Kristian: Women’s Tag Team Championships – Ronda Rousey and Shayna Baszler vs. Liv Morgan and Raquel Rodriquez.

John: Ronda Rousey and Shayna Baszler vs. Liv Morgan and Raquel Rodriquez.

Longest Match

Joel: Roman Reigns & Solo Sikoa vs. The Usos.

Matthew: Men’s Money in the Bank.

Marc: Men’s Money in the Bank.

Kelly: Roman Reigns & Solo Sikoa vs. The Usos.

Kristian: Men’s Money in the Bank.

John: Roman Reigns & Solo Sikoa vs. The Usos.

Shortest Match

Joel: Ronda Rousey and Shayna Baszler vs. Liv Morgan and Raquel Rodriquez.

Matthew: Ronda Rousey and Shayna Baszler vs. Liv Morgan and Raquel Rodriquez.

Marc: Women’s Tag Team Championships – Ronda Rousey and Shayna Baszler vs. Liv Morgan and Raquel Rodriquez.

Kelly: Ronda Rousey and Shayna Baszler vs. Liv Morgan and Raquel Rodriquez.

Kristian: Women’s Tag Team Championships – Ronda Rousey and Shayna Baszler vs. Liv Morgan and Raquel Rodriquez.

John: Cody Rhodes vs. Dominik Mysterio around 10-12 minutes.

Excitement Level on a Scale of 1-10 (1 being low, 10 being high)

Joel: 8. I always loved these Money in the Bank shows and this one feels special. We could see Male and Female talents catapulted to the next level and an epic Bloodline match. Hopefully WWE delivers. I think they will.

Matthew: 8. I love the unpredictability of this card, with there being so many different ways the stories could go in a lot of the matches. I also love that there is only 7 of them, as I won’t need eight cups of coffee and six bathroom breaks to get through them all.

Marc: 8 – I don’t tend to go higher than eight because while that’s still pretty high, there is always room to be cautious that something will and more times than not often disappoint. I wish on paper there was a card that matches after matches. It’s banger after banger. Still and 8 is pretty excited, and there is more to look forward here than not.

Kelly: 8. We’ve got a strong card and an overseas crowd. Should make for a great afternoon. I do not expect either contract to be cashed in tonight. I would expect them to both be cashed in for matches at SummerSlam.

Kristian: 7/10. I had high hopes for Forbidden Door but that was underwhelming, so I’m keeping my expectations and excitement lower than usual just in case! The crowd will play a major factor in the enjoyment of the show, that’s for sure.

John: 8. I have rated the five WWE PLE/PPVs so far this year all between 7.5 and 8.5 so I think 8 is fair based on the lineup of the show as well as the quality of these major WWE shows this year. The match quality should be very good and I’m intrigued by some of the booking decisions that will take place. Some of the matches have predictable outcomes, but I think they will be entertaining matches too. I’m most excited for both MITB matches (especially the men) and the Bloodline tag team match should be very interesting. Lastly, I think the London crowd will be very loud during the show, so that’s going to help a lot in terms of the atmosphere of the event itself.

In Closing

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