Top 5 Wrestling News Stories Of The Week 7/08: Ric Flair Done With AEW?, “Nervousness” Backstage Following Recent WWE Departure & More

Ric Flair AEW

Each and every week, the weird and wonderful world of professional wrestling never fails to captivate fans with a plethora of captivating stories that make their way into the news cycle.

Whether it’s shocking upsets, dramatic showdowns, or behind-the-scenes drama, the happenings within professional wrestling always keep fans on the edge of their seats.

Here are the Top Five Wrestling News Stories of the Week.

5. Big Hint Ric Flair Is Done With AEW

Ric Flair AEW

The partnership between Ric Flair and AEW has seemingly come to an end, which may also conclude The Nature Boy’s time with the company.

In November 2023, after Tony Khan presented Ric Flair as a gift for Sting, it was revealed that the Hall of Famer had signed a massive contract with All Elite Wrestling that was described as a multi-year deal. Sting and Flair would make multiple appearances together on TV and PPV as The Icon approached retirement at AEW Revolution 2024 in March. Flair has not appeared in the company since nor has there been any reference to his Wooooo! Energy branding on AEW television.

Writing in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter Dave Meltzer noted this will likely continue going forward.

Those who have pointed out no “Whoo! Energy” graphics on the screen of late, that is a smart observation and unless something changes it doesn’t look like you’ll be seeing that going forward. There was no explanation given but unless something changes it does look like that deal is over with.

4. Recent WWE Release Causing “Nervousness” Within Company

On July 8th, NXT star Damon Kemp surprisingly announced his immediate departure from WWE, which according to reports has created some ‘nervousness’ backstage.

Kemp, real name Bobby Steveson is the brother of Gable Steveson who was released by the company on May 3rd, had appeared on NXT since 2021 before being written off television recently.

Writing in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer confirmed Steveson left WWE after his contract expired, rather than being released. However, his exit has reportedly caused some nervousness backstage among those with contracts coming up shortly.

The Bobby Steveson cut has led to a lot of nervousness in NXT among those whose contracts are coming due, because unlike other cuts like Dijak (main roster contract), Gable Steveson (huge contract and didn’t show much) and Gulak (the Rousey situation and other things that came up), Bobby Steveson was good in the ring for his level of experience and nobody had anything negative to say.

So except for those who are clearly being pushed as future stars, many others do have the deal of if they would cut him, who else would they cut.

3. AEW Star Kenny Omega Will Resume Wrestling Career

Kenny Omega holding his chest in the ring

Kenny Omega’s wrestling career was cast into doubt following his diverticulitis diagnosis. However, some in the media believe he will return to the ring at some point.

In December, Omega was diagnosed with diverticulitis, which led to his hospitalisation. He openly shared his contemplation of retiring from professional wrestling due to this condition, expressing that he would need to repackage himself as he wouldn’t be able to perform at his prime level upon his return.

Since his illness, Omega has appeared on AEW television to provide fans with a health update, which led to an angle with his former stable The Elite.

During his return to AEW, Omega revealed that he was informed by doctors that he was close to death when initially diagnosed with diverticulitis. Despite this, he assured fans of his eventual return to the ring before confronting his former partners, The Young Bucks, reinforcing his status as an EVP in AEW.

The confrontation led to a vicious attack that saw Omega leaving the arena in an ambulance. The angle left many wondering when the former AEW World Champion would return to get his revenge.

Reporting in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer noted that while there are no official updates on Omega, the general feeling is that he will eventually resume his career. However, at present, he’s yet to be cleared to begin training.

Regarding Kenny Omega, we haven’t heard anything new past he’s doing better and while we don’t have any kind of a date for him returning, the feeling right now is that he will be returning and his career isn’t over. He hasn’t been cleared to start any training yet.

2. WWE In Talks To Take Major Event Los Angeles

WWE Survivor Series could be one of the first events held in Los Angeles’ newest stadium.

As the company continues its run of record-breaking shows cities and venues around the world have expressed interest in hosting a Premium Live Event in the near future, especially if it is one of the “Big 5.” According to a new report, a major venue in Los Angeles could be the home of the next Survivor Series.

In a new report, Wrestle Votes claimed WWE has held “significant discussions” about taking Survivor Series to the yet-to-opened Intuit Dome in Los Angeles. There is no word on whether the event will host “WarGames” as it has done in recent years.

Source: WWE has had significant discussions about bringing the 2024 Survivor Series to Los Angeles at the brand new Intuit Dome on Saturday, November 30th. The Intuit Dome, located across from SoFi Stadium, will officially open on August 15th with a Bruno Mars concert.

The venue is projected to have a capacity of 18,000 and reportedly cost $2 billion to build. In addition to concerts, the Intuit Dome will also host events as part of the 2028 Summer Olympics.

1. Newest WWE Signing’s Start Date Revealed

stephanie vaquer

WWE fans won’t have to wait long to see Stephanie Vaquer following her exit from CMLL & NJPW.

On July 10th, fans were shocked by the news of Vaquer’s sudden departure from the promotions. In a joint press release, CMLL and NJPW stated that Vaquer had left the promotions with immediate effect and had been stripped of the championships.

Speculation swirled she was WWE bound and those rumours became a reality later that day when Shawn Michaels confirmed her signing. This news left several promotions, including CMLL, NJPW, and AEW, frustrated with Vaquer’s departure before fulfilling her scheduled appearances and dropping her titles within CMLL.

While fans questioned Vaquer’s sudden exit from CMLL and NJPW, a recent announcement provided some clarity. WWE Español announced that Vaquer will be wrestling LIVE in Mexico City and Monterrey on July 13th and 14th!