TJR Q&A: Future Of Street Profits, WWE Pushing Bron Breakker, More

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The TJR Q&A is back with plenty of questions about the Roman Reigns-Drew McIntrye major title match, the future of The Street Profits as a tag team, Bron Breakker possibly joining the main WWE roster and a whole lot more.

What I’ll do here is post questions that come from TJRWrestling supporters on Facebook and you’ll see my answers right underneath them. I tried to pick out some unique ones and ended up with 35 of them that you will see below. This is the 84th edition of the Q&A on TJRWrestling. Thanks for the questions! Let’s get into it.

1. Brian Kroening
When do you expect Roman to lose the title?

This Saturday I think is the right time and Drew McIntyre is the right guy. I’m not sold on it, though. I think because WWE business is going pretty well with Roman as The Guy that they might keep the titles on Roman, but I would have Drew win. I also wouldn’t have two titles on one guy because I think Raw could really benefit by having the WWE Title back. So I hope they figure out a way to do that. Maybe use Theory’s MITB briefcase for it or something. I dunno. Just find a way to separate the titles again. But yeah, I’m probably picking Drew to win in our Clash preview and I’ll mention reasons why.

2. Daniel Mount
Would you like to see another Mae Young or Cruiserweight Classic in the future?

What is this, AEW? Do we need more tournaments? Don’t answer. Anyway, I’d be okay with either. I guess it’s fine to discover new talent and if people are impressive then you sign them. That’s the good thing about those kinds of things.

3. Daniel Hill
Do you see Clash being the start of a regular thing in the UK going forward, even once a year or two?

I think so and I hope so. Like we posted about in the past, WWE wants cities to bid for major events and Cardiff probably paid money to host this event because it’s good for the city, tourism and all that. So maybe next year they go to Wembley in London or the Tottenham stadium (I know the NFL loves having games there) if those markets want to host a WWE show.

4. Ashley Cruse
Do you think AEW will be on TBS or any other Warner station in 2024, or will they be looking for a new home due to the Discovery company realignment?

It’s going to be a big story as we head into later this year and into next year. The positive thing is Dynamite does well in the key 18-49 and 18-34 that we hear about so much, so maybe they’ll stay on those networks, but they might not get a significant raise the way WWE will get for their shows. If not then maybe they have to go a streaming service, which would probably mean a smaller audience for the company.

My guess at this point is that I think they stay on TBS for Dynamite and maybe lose Rampage on TNT. Perhaps it’s a short term deal like two years instead of something like five years.

With all that said, all the cuts that Warner/Discovery are doing is a bad sign for sure.

5. Kenny Brophy
What’s the biggest feud we haven’t gotten yet during Tribal Chief era Roman/Randy, Roman/AJ or Roman/Bobby?

I’d like to see Roman/Lashley. That would be fun. I like Bobby a lot. It would be cool to do Roman/AJ again since they feuded in 2016 leading to two good PPV matches and a lot has changed since then. Randy would be fine too.

I’ll give you another one too…Roman vs. Sami Zayn with Sami as a face after The Bloodline kicks his ass. That would be f’n great.

Bobby Lashley holds up WWE Championship

6. Kurt Zamora
Do you see Street Profits splitting up before WrestleMania? Or do you think they leaned into that dynamic but intend to keep them together for a while longer?

I thought so because if the draft was coming in September or October then I thought that would be the split, but then we got the news that it might be after WrestleMania. Maybe they stick together until the next draft. I don’t think they should split up and have one of them turn on the other. If they do it without the draft, do it like New Day did with Kofi telling Big E it’s his time for a singles run. I think Montez Ford is going to be a superstar and Dawkins has improved this year. I was really impressed last weekend when I saw them in person. They really are good at getting the crowd fired up and having fun at the right times.

They could always do the split before that in the babyface way. Maybe use the Rumble to give Montez a big run in that match and then they agree to split. But I don’t think there needs to be a turn. That way you can have reunions in the future.

I guess my answer is to stay together until WM and split in the draft after WM.

7. Liam Loftus
Is Sammy Guevara intentionally unlikeable or do you feel he’s playing up to a character?

I guess he’s intentionally unlikeable to a lot of people lol. I don’t know. It’s hard to say without knowing a person. I think he’s very talented, but people probably don’t like that he dumped a woman he proposed to leading to dating and marrying a co-worker. People make life choices and it’s up to them. I don’t get involved or have an opinion either way. It’s not our business. Good luck to him as a wrestler.

8. Rob Brown
The Judgment Day feels a bit lost in the shuffle. Adding a new member (or 2) would be a good first step. But what else would you like to see happen to give them a bit more momentum?

I thought Ciampa would be a good fit, but they put him with Miz for now. I think if they added a tag team it might be a good idea. More strength in numbers. As for giving them momentum, it’s just a matter of getting more wins in the future. I think they’ll do well as a heel group on Raw.

9. Liam Loftus
Should AEW consider turning Rampage into a pure women’s show seeing as units current format, it’s often pointless viewing coupled with the crappy booking of the division in terms of screen time and storyline barring Jade Cargill?

I don’t think so. I don’t know if they would draw enough interest and Tony is pretty bad at booking the women’s division.

10. Brian Wallace
Do you see Papa Trips bringing back the Evolution PPV?

I hope so, but I don’t know. I liked the all-women’s Evolution PPV in 2018 and I would have liked to see WWE do it again. They seem pretty set on their PPV schedule. I think doing some “bonus” PPVs like that and maybe a couple of other concepts could work. Like do a WarGames PPV like NXT has and do it with Raw/SD wrestlers. But I don’t know if they want to add more major shows.

11. John Czech
How long do you estimate AEW lasting? I honestly see them going the way of WCW eventually. They are starting to really resemble what WCW was in its last two or so years, at least in my opinion.

I think the company is healthy so they should last a very long time. They have a lot of money and as long as they have a television audience as well as weekly shows that have at least 5,000 fans every week they should be fine. Impact has like 700 fans at their tapings and still exists somehow.

12. Frank Anthony Casabianca
It seems like there are a lot of rumors about a Bray Wyatt return that I don’t see being substantiated anywhere. Do you think he’ll be back, and would you want him to return as Bray, The Fiend, or something new?

People just assume because Vince fired him that Triple H would bring him back and it’s fine to assume it because he’s a pro wrestler that didn’t sign somewhere else, so maybe WWE will bring him back. If it was me I would never bring The Fiend back because I think the feud with Randy Orton/Alexa Bliss was one of the worst storylines in years and I’d leave The Fiend in the past. Let him be the original Bray Wyatt that has followers and avoid the “superpowers” bullshit. It’s not 1992. It’s 2022.

13. Matt Tome
Since Reigns and the Usos hold both the WWE/Universal title and both shows Tag Team Titles, do you expect them in a Raw vs Smackdown Survivor Series elimination match or do you expect the titles to be split by then to do WWE champ vs Universal champ and Raw Tag vs Smackdown tag champs?

I’m not sure what they might do at Survivor Series. I think ideally they should probably just put them in title defenses and if you want to have champions match up you could do Lashley vs. Gunther (that would be fun!) and Belair vs. Morgan if Liv still has that title.

I don’t really like the Raw vs. SD concept. To me, you should do it for the men’s and women’s elimination tags, but that’s it.

14. John Adams
What’s next for C.M. Punk after his 3-minute loss of the AEW championship?

I think he’ll get a rematch at All Out and cheat to win or get some help from an ally to win the title back. Maybe even MJF comes back to help him or something wild like that. I’m just guessing. We’ll see what happens on Dynamite.

Jon Moxley stares down CM Punk AEW Dynamite 2022

15. Matthew Johnson
Without spoiling anything do you think fans attending Clash could be in store for a few surprises? I’m always skeptical with the time difference etc but the way things have been since the changes back stage it’s making me think anything could happen. Which can only be a positive.

I don’t know what surprises there might be, but I do expect Triple H and WWE to want to make it feel like a major show that is like a WM or SummerSlam or Rumble because of the crowd. Maybe it’s like Tyson Fury punching out a heel like The Miz or something like that. Perhaps some talent returns like Banks/Naomi or Bray Wyatt or whoever is next to come back.

16. Parker Solseng
Do you think Sami Zayn’s and Kevin Owens’s WrestleMania 38 was similar to Eddie and Benoit’s Wrestlemania 20? (Barring the obvious)

Well said. I mean in a lot of ways it was their best WrestleMania moments. Both guys re-signed with WWE earlier this year or late last year and I’m glad they had featured matches. The Zayn match was so fun while Owens got to live the dream of anybody in their 30s or 40s that grew up loving Austin, so I was so happy for him. I’m also encouraged by Triple H being in charge because he’s going to use them perhaps even better than Vince did. Proud of my fellow Canadians.

17. Aaron Nowak
I was listening to busted open radio last week and Bully Ray posed a question offered by Vince Russo on what fans are really seeing that really is differentiating Triple H’s tenure versus Vince so far in words bc he doesn’t see much. How would you describe the difference you’ve seen? Personally- less comedy sketches, longer matches etc.

There are definitely longer matches, more of an importance on the IC/US Titles and obviously the women’s tag team title tournament has taken place while Vince ignored it for two months after Sasha/Naomi left. They have also brought back a lot of names from the past. Some people like Ciampa have been featured more too. It takes time to really change a lot, but we are seeing early signs of it.

18. Jacob Cordell
Will Bron Steiner/Breakker be in WWE by Wrestlemania season?

I think so. I think maybe he’ll be in the Rumble, be a force in that and then get the call to move up at that point. He’ll lose the title before or around the Rumble, I think.

19. Daniel Lerma
Do you think Stephanie’s role is getting a bit overlooked by the fans?
I understand why there’s ton of praise towards Triple H, but I think Stephanie’s role is what will bring a lot of balance between WWE’s booking and business.

She has had a lot of jobs in the company and is well equipped to be the Chairwoman, Co-CEO. I know plenty of people that worked there or work there that have always said nice things about her. She’s an honest person, so people like dealing with her. As a mom of 3 girls she’s probably understanding towards the women wrestlers and even the guys with kids because a lot of them get house shows off some weekends so they can be with family. That’s great.

I don’t know if Stephanie has any say in creative or if she does, how much? I’m sure she talks about it with Hunter, they may suggest pushing certain people and so on. But I don’t know if she’s involved in creative.

20. Marc Madison
With NXT Europe on the horizon, do you see an NXT Canada, Japan or India happening too? Will their contracts be flexible like NXTs once we’re to compete on the indies?

I don’t know. I think that’s something WWE mentioned in the past, but is there really enough well-known talent that you could get to work NXT Japan? Getting Nakamura and Asuka years ago was great, but I don’t know if they can pry away a top level NJPW guy again. Canada is so close to the US, I don’t think we need some separate territory for it. If they find a Canadian indy guy they like, send them to Orlando. I wouldn’t waste money trying to expand past NXT Europe. That’s a 4th brand basically and I don’t know if there’s that much support for it in terms of the North American audience.

A lot of that sounds expensive to run and I don’t think it would be that profitable, so in that sense I would pass on the idea.


That’s all for now. Thanks to everybody that participated and to you for reading.

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