TJR Q&A #1: Talking Kevin Owens, Paige, Divas Title & More!

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It’s time to bring back the Q&A columns right here to TJRWrestling. I’m not sure if this is going to be a once per week thing or maybe it will happen more often. I just like the idea of interacting with you, the reader, because we can cover a lot of subjects in a forum like this.

When I wrote at WhatCulture from January 2014 until last week, I did a weekly Q&A column on the weekends. It was fun, but that site limited me in a lot of ways, so now it will be a more open Q&A. It will be more than ten questions. For this one I’m using tweets, but next time it might be questions from Facebook or emails.

For this first one, I’m using tweets sent to me @johnreport earlier on Wednesday afternoon.

@ComptonAzzQ: In your opinion, is it any fault of Seth Rollins for Sting’s injury?

I don’t think so. It happened when he did the Buckle Bomb and it looked normal to me. An older man like Sting (who is 56 years old) is more vulnerable to injuries.

It sucks that it happened, but I don’t think you can blame Rollins for it. In hindsight they shouldn’t have done that spot two times just because of the risk involved.

@blight82: Paige’s heel turn, how did you like how it went down?

Absolutely I enjoyed it. She did a great promo that made sense for her character. She’s jealous of her friend’s success and said some nasty things to Charlotte because of it. What she said was mean and how she said it was mean, but for her character it makes sense. Plus, Paige was booked on a losing streak, which usually means a turn is coming.

I’m not sure if it should be called a “pipebomb” like some people want to label it. She just did a heel turn promo with a few things that may have been considered inside regarding the Bella Twins, but it’s not like the Bellas hide their relationships either.

I like the potential of this story. Plus, I think Paige is better as a heel. Did you know that it’s her house? Apparently it is.

@AndyFTM1981: Why do you think Curt Hennig never had a push in the WWF in late 1992 when Bret/HBK did? He was as good a worker as those at the time.

I’m pretty sure his back was flaring up at that time. He was in and out of the ring a lot in 1992/93 with some flashes of brilliance (like the Flair feud as well as a match against Hart at King of the Ring 1993), but the injuries forced him out of the ring a lot. They just couldn’t count on him.

I thought he should have been WWE Champion earlier in his career. Hogan’s reigns were too long and boring. Having a heel champion as good as Mr. Perfect was would have freshened things up a lot. He’s definitely one of the best wrestlers ever that wasn’t WWE Champion.

@simm_minogue: Can Tyler Breeze and Dolph Ziggler ever exist on the same roster?

That’s pretty funny. Breeze has a similar gimmick to what Ziggler was earlier in his career and both are Shawn Michaels knockoffs in a lot of ways. I guess Dolph is changing with more of a rocker look these days although I don’t if it’s working. Breeze should be on the main roster soon. He’s been in developmental long enough.

@andyclemo Who would you like to see feud with KO after Ryback? Think it’s time Neville got a renewed push? They’d have some great matches.

A guy like Neville is good choice. Chris Jericho if he stays face would be an awesome opponent because they’ve worked live events together and are scheduled for the MSG show on October 3 as well. Dean Ambrose would be fun against Owens.

Daniel Bryan would be my favorite opponent for Owens if WWE clears Bryan like they should. Then there’s Sami Zayn of course since they are best friends and there’s so much history.

Just thinking of those potential matches for Owens has me excited. What matters more than anything is giving him time to have 10-15 minute matches because if they do that you know he’s going to put on a show like he always does.

@Symlish How do you book the divas division and title to give them the best possible chance of a big match at Wrestlemania?

I’d book a long story where somebody wins it for the first time there. Maybe Sasha Banks turns face early next year. Something like that. I think people can tell Banks is the best dive or close to it, so it would get a great reaction if she were to become the top babyface in WWE.

They could also push Eva Marie heavily and…I’m kidding. I can’t even finish the thought.

@BossOfTomorrow: Was Paige’s heel turn the moment that the Divas Revolution needed?

Another Paige question. This is a popular topic right now, trust me. Paige’s turn helps because it puts the focus on the title rather than the groups feuding. I got sick and tired of seeing those diva tag matches all the time.

Now they can focus on Paige, Nikki, Sasha Banks and all the others trying to chase Charlotte for the Divas Title. That’s the right way to book things.

@joe90101 Would removing the mesh covering the eye’s of his mask reduce Sin Cara’s botches?

It would probably help. The current Sin Cara (Hunico) is a good worker that’s been at it for years, but the mask is clearly a hindrance. Fans are always going to be hard on a wrestler that screws up a spot like Sin Cara slipping on the top rope on Raw, but I’m not that harsh on them. It’s not an easy thing to be a wrestler and I think people should be more respectful. I also think you are onto something in mentioning the mask because it must be tough to look to the side at times.

From @bdc038 Who would you have Seth Rollins face after Kane on the road to WM assuming the Shield triple threat match happens there?

John Cena! Kidding. Relax. I think Cena has beaten him three times clean in the last three weeks, so no more of that even though their matches are awesome.

I think you could elevate a Ziggler or a Cesaro type of guy that can come close without winning the gold. It would be nice. Maybe Brock Lesnar since it was never resolved at Battleground and really, Lesnar should get another title shot.

It looks like Rollins holding the WWE Title until WrestleMania is a strong possibility although it could be derailed at any time too.

@aidancrowe Predicted main events for Wretelemania 32? Now that Ronda Rousey looks a no go and Brock/Taker 3 is happening at Hell in a Cell.

I think they may go with Rock vs. Brock instead of Rock vs. Triple H. Then they can also do Cena vs. Undertaker first time at a WM. That’s my thinking for now, but I will probably change my mind 50 times before WM gets here!

Also, I would definitely do the Shield triple threat first time ever for WWE Title too. I’ve written that several times this year.

@ChrisBroadyUK: If you could turn them into their peak and stick one of them into today’s roster who would it be and why: Flair, Rhodes or Race?

I think Flair is at that high level with HBK as best guys ever that made everybody better. Special talent. Race is a bit before my time. Rhodes I know fairly well. I just think Flair was better all around. I would say Flair.

@Brock316 Do you think WWE is saving Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte for Divas Title until Wrestlemania?

They might be, but it may be hard to hold off that long. I would love to see a big title match at WM instead of a tag or battle royal for the divas. Banks is a heel right now although long term I think she’s going to be a huge babyface star. She’s such an amazing performer.

@kjbrophy: Do you think @WWE gives away matches too often? Recent example New Day & Dudleyz faced each other right before Night Of Champions.

Absolutely they do. It happens a lot after PPVs too, which was evident on Monday’s Raw. That’s why matches don’t seem fresh and crowd reactions suck sometimes. Too many repeats are hurting the product right now. That’s the problem with a three hour show too.

@NewGirlOrder__: Why couldn’t WWE get Dean Ambrose right last year? He was on fire but they made him look silly

I agree with you. He was on fire, but they just didn’t believe in him as WWE Champion material. They need to listen to the crowd better. I hope he can become WWE Champ in 2016 even if it means a heel turn. I’m not sure if it will happen for him. Sadly, in the wrestling business a lot of times people that deserve something don’t always get to experience it.

@MikeAJGriffin When is the right time to let Lesnar go after the WWE title again?

I would put him in the Rumble with a big selling point being that he’s in the Rumble match for the first time in over a decade (last time was 2004) and have him not win. Maybe set up a WM match there although if WM32 is against The Rock then it likely wouldn’t be that.

They might not put the WWE Title on him again. It was fine to do it in 2014 and into 2015, but his inactivity really sucked. I’m not sure if WWE wants to go through that again.

If you were looking at things logically, he should get the next WWE Title shot since he never lost to Rollins the last time he faced him. This is WWE, though, where Kane will get a WWE Title match even though he lost so much in the last year.


That’s it for this round. Thanks to everybody for the great questions! I’ll try to do Q&A’s at least once per week (Wednesday will be the standard day), but it might be two times a week sometimes.

If you have any questions for a future Q&A, use the comment section below and if I think it’s a good question, I’ll use it in the future.

Thanks for reading.