Looking Back At TJRWrestling Staff Predictions For 2015

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Hey yo. It’s TJRWrestling’s owner John Canton here to take you back to about one year ago when the TJRWrestling writing team made some wrestling related predictions for 2015.

As we will do this year (posted Friday), all of the writers were asked to come up with five wrestling related predictions. We posted it last January on the old site, but I also put it up here if you want to read it.

It’s time to look back on what we predicted last year to see who was on point and who was way off. It’s kinda funny to do it just because sometimes people are way off. Plus, it’s not like anybody was going to predict that The New Day would be the best part of the show because a year ago they certainly were not. You just never know.

Some of the writers on here don’t write for us anymore, but I’ll still include them all.

Hugh Firth

1. The Undertaker Will Retire

2. Daniel Bryan Will Win The WWE World Heavyweight Title Again

3. Roman Reigns WON’T Win the 2015 Royal Rumble

4. Bad News Barrett Will Contest The WWE World Heavyweight Title

5. John Cena Will Equal Ric Flair’s Sixteen Title Wins

Nope. That’s an 0 for 5 for Hugh. They didn’t seem like bad ideas at the start of the year, but it was a bizarre year and that’s an example of that.

The Ace

1. Daniel Bryan will defeat Brock Lesnar in the Main Event of Wrestlemania 31 and Seth Rollins will cash in Money in the Bank after the match

2. There will be TWO first time WWE World Heavyweight Champions

3. Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler will leave the announce table

4. The WWE Network will FINALLY reach One Million subscribers

5. John Cena will not hold the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

He got three right since 2 (Rollins & Reigns), 4 and 5 are correct. Good job going 3/5.

Andrew Johnson

1) Finn Bálor will debut on the main roster.

2) Mark Henry will officially retire.

3) Roman Reigns will become WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

4) Icarus will lose the Chikara Grand Championship.

5) Seth Rollins will not win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Some unique predictions there. Mark Henry is still going strong. Sort of. He was right on 3 and 4, so 2/5 for Andrew.

Justin Seagull

1. Bray Wyatt Will Get New Followers

2. Kevin Owens and Finn Balor Will Get Called Up

3. Superstars and Wrestling Challenge Will Be Added to the WWE Network

4. Two of the 3 Will Retire: Kane, Big Show and Mark Henry

5. Daniel Bryan will NOT Win Back the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

He gets 2.5 points since the first one is right with Braun Strowman called up and also half a point for the second one with Owens. The last one is right too. That’s 2.5/5 for Seagull.

Melo Man

1. Daniel Bryan versus Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 31

2. Jerry Lawler will (hopefully) retire from commentary

3. John Cena will become a 16-time Champion. Believe that.

4. The fans will turn on Roman Reigns and he will turn heel as a result.

5. Sami Zayn will get called up to RAW only to sadly get lost in the mid-card shuffle.

I’ll be generous and give him 0.5 out of 5 since Zayn was on Raw for at least one match before the shoulder injury. I think he would have been around longer. The rest are incorrect so 0.5/5 for Melo.

Mike Holland

  1. Dolph Ziggler Will Win The WWE World Heavyweight Championship
  2. Daniel Bryan Will Win The Royal Rumble
  3. Damien Sandow Will Turn Face
  4. Brock Lesnar Will Leave the WWE
  5. Charlotte Will Win The Divas Championship

That’s two correct with 3 and 5 happening. The top two were nice thoughts, the fourth one was a bad thought and in the end he gets a 2/5.

Christian Michael

  1. Three Different Men Will Win The WWE World Heavyweight Championship
  2. Stone Cold Steve Austin will return for a storyline in 2015
  3. Cesaro will win both the Tag Team and Intercontinental Championships
  4. Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens will battle for the NXT Championship at WrestleMania
  5. Saturday Night’s Main Event will return as a WWE Network special

The first one is right since it was Rollins, Sheamus and Reigns. I’ll give him half a point for the third prediction. The others are wrong, so it’s 1.5/5 for Christian.

Matty J. Douglas

1. The Undertaker Will Wrestle At Wrestlemania 31 (And It Will Disappoint)

2. Booker T Will Not Finish The Year As A Member Of The Raw Announce Team

3. Roman Reigns Will Drop The Shield Gear

4. Darren Young Will Be In The Midcard Title Mix

5. The Wyatt Family Will Reunite

He gets credit for the first one although I don’t think it was that disappointing. He also got 2 and 5 right, so it’s a solid 3/5 for Matty. Sorry but Reigns is Shield for life apparently.

Jerry Brandt

1) Cesaro and Tyson Kidd will win Tag Team Gold

2) Austin Aries will sign with WWE

3) Brock Lesnar Will NOT be WWE World Heavyweight Champion at WrestleMania 31

4) Bad News Barrett will have a Long Run with the IC Title

5) Rey Mysterio will wrestle in Lucha Underground

He got the first one right. For the third one, he thought Lesnar wouldn’t walk into WM with the title, but Brock did, so that’s wrong. Barrett’s IC Title run was pretty short, so that’s a no. Mysterio signed with Lucha Underground although it hasn’t aired. I’ll give him credit for it, which means 2/5 for Jerry.

Brandon Lasher

1.) The Ascension Will Win The Tag Titles

2.) Bray Wyatt Will Win The Money In The Bank

3.) All Three Former Shield Members Will Hold the WWE Title this Year

4.) Daniel Bryan Will Not Hold the WWE Title This Year

5.) John Cena Will Defeat Rusev at WrestleMania 31

That Ascension prediction seems way off now, but a year ago it wasn’t a bad thought considering their NXT success. He was sort of right on the #3 since Rollins and Reigns held the big title, so that gets 0.5 points. The last two are right, which means a score of 2.5/5 for Brandon.

Thomas Briggs

1. Daniel Bryan will hold the WWE Title more than anyone else in 2015

2. TNA will be dethroned as the #2 promotion by… a newcomer?

3. Unfortunately, none of the “Big Three” NXT signees will debut with WWE in 2015

4. The WWE Network will be a success, achieving 1 million subscribers in the US

5. Bully Ray will return to the WWE and be used as a top heel

The second one is tricky because I think you could argue that TNA is still #2, but you can argue against it too. It’s worth 0.5 points. For the third one, it’s partially right because no Balor or Itami yet while Owens is there. Bubba’s back in WWE, but he’s not a heel. I’ll give him 1.5/5 for all of that.

Unfortunately Tom passed away in a car accident in March. He is missed tremendously by all of us.

John Canton

1. Dolph Ziggler Will Beat Triple H In A PPV Match

2. Charlotte Will Win The Divas Title

3. Paul Heyman Will Be On Screen GM

4. Rusev Will Win The WWE Title

5. Dean Ambrose Will Turn Heel

I only got the second one right, so I suck! Haha. Hunter should have put over Ziggler because look at where Ziggler is now – in a worse spot than where he was before. That Rusev prediction sounds bad now. He should have been booked so much better. As for the Ambrose turn, I wrote about that so much! Not happening.


The winners with 3 out of 5 each are Matty J. Douglas and The Ace. They win nothing except for my respect. That’s worth a lot!

Matty still writes for us at TJR while Ace hosted a radio show with me, but we stopped that last January. Also shoutout to Hugh Firth for the 0 out of 5. Trust me I’m not mocking him. I’ve done it before too. It’s hard to make sensible predictions and get them all wrong!

That’s a wrap. As mentioned earlier, the 2016 predictions will be posted hopefully Friday or whenever I get a chance to edit it. We lost some writers and added plenty more, so we’re going to have over 20 people predicting this time. That’s a lot of writing and editing. I better get to work on it now.

Thanks for reading. Back on Friday with the 2016 predictions!