Big Kon Signs Contract With Impact Wrestling

Big Kon

Wrestling remains one of the biggest sports in the USA and also has a passionate following across the planet. While the awesome action in the ring helps explain its popularity, this is not the only thing that draws people in.

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The variety of interesting characters who appear in pro wrestling also explains why it is so popular globally. While the WWE might grab a lot of headlines in this regard, it is not the only professional wrestling organization in town. Impact Wrestling is well known by most followers of the sport and has been going since 2002. This made their recent announcement of signing up a star name like Big Kon a major story.

Big Kon – where did he come from and what contract has he signed?

Eagle-eyed fans of wrestling may well think the name sounds a little familiar – and they would be correct. Big Kon was previously contracted to the WWE and fought under the name Konnor as part of the Ascension. Prior to this, he had been fighting under the name of Ryan O’Reilly, before entering WWE’s developmental program in the mid-2000s. Although big things were expected of the Ascension after their move to the WWE’s main roster in 2014, this didn’t happen and they were dropped in late 2019.

Now fighting under a new name, Big Kon returned from this disappointment at an Impact event in February 2022 and showed up again in November 2022. His popularity with fans obviously impressed the organization’s leaders, who recently confirmed Impact’s decision to sign Big Kon to a multi-year contract. Further details of the deal have not yet been released but it seems we will be seeing this wrestler (real name Ryan Parmeter) making a real splash moving forward.

What’s next for Big Kon?

The world of pro wrestling is famously hard to call and Impact is no different. Storylines and alliances can change on an almost daily basis, after all! It is fun, though, to think about what might lie in store for Big Kon, now he has inked his contract.

To begin with, you would expect to see him continue fighting as part of Deaner’s The Design stable. This bad-to-the-bone Impact team looks to have a bright future and added another member (Callihan) in early 2023 to bolster their roster. You would have to think that Big Kon will see plenty of tag team action with them moving ahead. Events at Impact Wrestling on January 26, 2023, already seem to hint at a possible six or eight-man tag team match at No Surrender.

It would also not surprise us to see Big Kon continuing to fight at other independent wrestling events in the coming years. Although Impact wrestlers cannot compete in any WWE bouts, they are free to take part in other independent wrestling events under their contract. You would assume this is the case for Big Kon and this could leave him free to build his own brand on a wider scale in the future.

Big Kon delighted with multi-year Impact Wrestling contract

After being cut from the WWE in 2019, it is clear just how much this new contract means to Big Kon. He is on record as saying teaming up with Impact has rejuvenated him and allowed him to find his passion for the sport again.

It is, of course, also a great deal for the organization itself. There is no doubt that Big Kon is not only a great fighter to watch but also has a real presence in the ring. He will also bring a lot of experience with him. This should mean this new deal is one that will work out well for all involved.

Impact Wrestling and Big Kon looking to the future

As noted above, it is hard to predict for sure what will happen in wrestling but you can see Big Kon becoming a firm Impact favorite for years to come. If he can help The Design become the premier tag team in the organization and maybe even get some opportunities to compete for individual titles, the sky should be the limit.