5 Iconic UFC Stars That Could Make It In WWE

Conor McGregor Nate Diaz UFC

The UFC has come a long way over the last 20 years or so. From originally being seen as a competitor to WWE, to becoming the biggest rival to the world of boxing, it’s turned into a media juggernaut. Many people are aware of UFC fighters even if they’re not big fans of combat sports, which has allowed it to develop crossover appeal and become a genuinely huge company. However, just like any athletic league or competition, the UFC relies on the charisma and ability of the athletes that compete within it. So, who could follow in the footsteps of Ronda Rousey and make the leap from UFC to WWE?

Conor McGregor

He might never fight again, and he definitely isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but McGregor is without a doubt one of the biggest stars that the UFC has ever created. McGregor was one of those fighters that everyone wanted to watch. Whether it was to support him in his battles or just to watch him lose, when McGregor was on screen then you just had to watch. Whether you love him or hate him, McGregor is a star and it’s just hard to argue with it.

Even now, with him not really looking like he will be getting back into the Octagon at any point in the near future, McGregor is still quite comfortably the biggest draw in the company. If Conor McGregor announces a fight, then you can guarantee that not only will tickets sell out in no time at all, but the PPV buy rates will be some of the biggest the company sees for the whole year. McGregor is the biggest star that the UFC has ever created, and it doesn’t look like that will change at any point going forward.

Jon Jones

Bones Jones is another star of a similar nature to McGregor. Although he is arguably a better competitor in the Octagon, he’s probably not quite as entertaining. Added to this is that his star power has diminished slightly over the last few years. Jones isn’t quite on the same level as McGregor right now.

Despite this, he is still a big star and if he’s fighting on the card then you can guarantee that people will want to see it. Another similarity to McGregor, people either want to see him win or want to see him get beaten. Jones might never hit the levels of popularity that his talent deserves, because of some of his outside activities, but he is still a big name and will always draw in the crowds.

Israel Adesanya

Israel is proof that you don’t need to engage in WWE-style theatrics to become a draw – something that could work against him in the world of sports entertainment. He’s a tough guy who fights well. This is what makes people want to watch his fights. He might not bring the flash on the microphone before and after the fight, but you know that he is going to deliver once all the talking is over.

Adesanya is a fantastic fighter and is proof that being a master of your craft can be just as important to becoming a big star. You’d be wrong to sleep on what Adesanya can achieve, if he keeps performing as he has then he has every chance of making his way to being the top star in the history of the UFC.

Nate Diaz

So, Nate Diaz doesn’t want to be a part of the UFC anymore. It’s understandable to a degree, as the company has been known to not pay fighters as well as it should for quite a while now. However, despite any disputes that he has with the UFC, it cannot be disputed that he is one of the biggest names in the history of the UFC. A legendary fighter, an entertaining talker, and just a big character, Nate Diaz is someone who is intrinsically linked with the UFC. He might not fight in the Octagon ever again, but don’t be surprised if Diaz sets PPV records with a fight against Jake Paul in the future.

Jorge Masvidal

Masvidal might not be right at the top of his game anymore, but it’s hard to downplay his influence on the fight game. It’s easy to forget about what he has achieved in the past, but Masvidal still owns the record for the fastest-ever knockout. This shouldn’t be forgotten, regardless of what Masvidal achieves as he winds down his career, he will go down as one of the legends of the sport. This makes him one of the biggest icons of the UFC.

Masvidal has been part of the pro wrestling world already, appearing in AEW as part of Dan Lambert’s American Top Team so a jump to WWE might not be totally out of the question.