Audio: John Canton on Pro Wrestling Boom Podcast with Jason Powell Talking WWE Crown Jewel and More

Hey yo. The WWE Crown Jewel event takes place on Friday (that’s tomorrow) from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and I wasn’t sure if I was going to preview it. The guys on our PPV preview team didn’t show an interest in previewing it either. I decided against writing a preview although I do plan to review it right here on on Friday afternoon.

When thinking about Crown Jewel, it just doesn’t feel like that big of a deal to me even though I know that to WWE, it is a big deal since it is one of their most profitable shows of the year. After all, this is all about money to WWE and I guess trying to entertain the Saudi Arabian fans.

It’s one of the most awkward WWE shows I can ever remember because, in the three weeks leading up to Crown Jewel, WWE hasn’t mentioned Saudi Arabia once on Raw or Smackdown. They know that a lot of fans are upset with WWE for even running the show, but as WWE said a few weeks ago, they feel like they must honor the deal they made with the Saudi Arabian General Sports Authority…plus they like the money. I added that part.

Anyway, the lineup for Crown Jewel features only male wrestlers with no women’s wrestlers traveling to the show. We do know that Renee Young is working as an announcer, so at least that’s some progress from WWE’s no women allowed show at the Greatest Royal Rumble event.

Yesterday, I wrote an in-depth post about all the news about Crown Jewel, so check that out if you missed it.

I’m not going to write out a preview, but I did join my good friend Jason Powell of to talk about everything surrounding the Crown Jewel event. We talked about a lot of things like WWE’s decision to run the show, John Cena’s removal, Daniel Bryan refusing to wrestle at the show, Renee Young joining commentary, Hulk Hogan’s addition and all of that. Plus, I talked about some of my background as a wrestling fan and how I got into writing.

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Thanks to Jason for having me on. Hopefully we will do it again soon.