Jack Swagger requested his release from World Wrestling Entertainment and apparently it was granted by WWE. Swagger appeared on Chael Sonnen’s to announce that he was leaving WWE.

Swagger started with WWE in 2006. He had a brief feud with Baron Corbin a few months ago on Smackdown and was taken off TV after he put Corbin over. It’s easy to see why Swagger has decided to move on since he was barely doing anything in WWE.

Here’s a transcription of what Swagger said at the start of their discussion from F4WOnline:

“As of yesterday, Chael, I asked for my release from WWE. It’s still kind of an ongoing process right now. Basically, it came down to contract negotiations and we were way off. They didn’t value me at what I thought I was valued at. So, you can be angry about it because wrestling is something that you get so passionate about, but this was a business decision. They weren’t giving me the opportunity to make the full amount of income I could for my family, so when you put it like that it’s time to go.”

The notes from F4Wonline also stated that Swagger is leaving because he wasn’t getting opportunities. Swagger intends to keep wrestling and wants to go to wrestle in places like Mexico, the United Kingdom and Japan. He also added that it would be hard to turn down a good offer to try out mixed martial arts.

To listen to Swagger’s full explanation click on the audio Youtube file below.