This is just a quick post to say that we will look to add new writers for at some point in September. I made a post last month saying there would be a post about it on July 17 (today), but I decided to push it back.

The main reason is that life is pretty hectic for me these days because I write for three websites while also running this one. I’m also working on a side project with a family member, so I’m keeping busy. I’m also going through every SummerSlam ever with a plan to post them throughout the month of August. I’ve already got the first few done, but I’m waiting on posting them until August.

When we do the writer search, I’ll let you know what to fill out and all that stuff. Unfortunately it’s not a paying job because we are not doing well enough where I can afford to do that, but writing on this site will provide a lot of exposure for any writer and could lead to more for you.

That’s all for now. Live Raw Deal later tonight. Thanks for reading TJRWrestling.